Guest Post: Simple ways to cut the cost of your family holiday

Today’s families are spending more than ever on that most coveted of summer traditions: a holiday abroad. The opportunity to soak up some rays on a sunny, exotic beach remains as enticing as ever, yet the rising cost of travel is far less idyllic. 
With the average family holiday to Europe ringing in at more than £2,000, many mums and dads are left wondering if it’s really a tradition worth keeping. However, there are a number of ways determined parents can cut holiday costs and make travelling abroad viable again. Here are just a few of the best cost-cutting tactics:
Search for hotel discount codes
Your accommodation budget will narrow down your hotel options to a fairly consistent selection. In such a competitive industry, all of the hotels available in your range will likely offer a relatively similar quality of service. Picking between a handful of seemingly identical hotels can actually be more difficult than if one were to stand out above the rest. Finding a hotel discount code online can be your deciding factor.
Using a hotel discount code can help you come in under your accommodation budget, allowing you to transfer those savings into other parts of your holiday. What’s more, it could give you the chance to stay in a higher quality hotel that would otherwise be out of your price range.
Book last-minute
Patience is a virtue, and when it comes to cheap family holidays, good things come to those who wait. There are numerous websites devoted to offering last-minute deals, some of which slash as much as 70% off the original cost.
It’s recommended that you search for late holiday deals just eight weeks before you’re able to jet-off. As is always the case, spontaneity requires flexibility. It pays to be as flexible as possible with dates, as some deals may fall under the eight-week mark. Also remain flexible on your destination – you may wind up somewhere far more interesting than your first choice!
Find free attractions
It just so happens that the most memorable holiday activities are often completely free. Picnics in a scenic urban park, hiking up seaside cliffs or building sandcastles on a white sand beach are just the sort of memories to make on your family holiday.
Before you set off, research your destination carefully and seek-out free attractions. Search for local hangouts and outdoor adventures. Make it your mission to discover the true essence of your destination, rather than spending your time and money in generic tourist attractions.
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