Simple winter fashion ideas

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Winter is one of the hardest seasons to dress for in my opinion – we often find ourselves just hiding under our baggy jumpers and living in jeans as they are super warm, however, they aren’t always the brightest or most fashionable items we own,

Throw in some wind (or a few storms of the past two weekends) and some rain for good measure and the last thing we worry about is looking fashionable – we just want to stay warm and dry.

For many of us, myself included, trying to stay fashionable during the cold snap is unthinkable. But it’s far from impossible.

With a few selections from the right brands, you can have an outfit plusher than those we see on the big screens.  With that in mind, I’ve come up with a few winter fashion tips to keep you toasty AND at the height of fashion.

Shrug it off

Taylor Swift might have been shaking it off all summer but it’s time for something a little more subtle – a simple shrug.

Not the despondent shoulder movement, but the clothing choice of those seeking comfort and style. Essentially a smaller cardigan, a stylish shrug has become a mainstay for those who want to wear a lighter dress but still keep their arms warm. Shrugs come in all shapes and sizes. Find one and your outfit for a night out will keep you on the right side of the thermostat.

DIY knitwear

Unless you’re prodigious with a sewing machine, trying to fashion your own stylish summer dress is about as advisable as trying to build your own house without the knowledge of architecture.

But winter woollies are a bit different. Trying to knit your own scarf or creating some cosy woollen mittens can be a great way to round off your outfit and add a simple personal touch.

Various craft sites are available to provide you with knitting inspiration or you can watch various YouTube videos to teach you – this is how I learnt to knit recently or if you are very lucky you can ask your Nanny or Mum to help you – Emmy and Harry have a wardrobe full of hand-knitted cardigans which their late Nanny made for them, these will be forever treasured and passed down within the family.


Yes, I know this one does sound strange but do you remember your Nan or Mum saying “wear a hat as you lose most of your body warmth through your head”?

They weren’t just making it up – I promise!

Now a hat leaves so many issues when it comes to fashion – hat hair is just one of them, have you thought about wearing a wig at all? Not only does it eliminate the need to keep doing your hair but you can change your style temporarily without chopping all your hair off, change styles for various outfits or even don hair extensions for another change – plus they provide an extra layer of warmth in the winter too!


Yes, I know we usually associate these with the summer but the Winter sun is just as harsh on our eyes, especially when driving.

In the winter the sun is lower, and under the glass of the car windscreen, it can be really hard to see – and often dangerous too as the glare blinds us a little and if the car in front stops while you are squinting to see….well you know what happens next. I tend to keep a pair of glasses in the car just in case, and another in the house – that way I know where they are when needed. have some lovely designer sunglasses at a fraction of the usual price – these Hugo Boss glasses are my current favourites.

Witness the thickness

For whatever reason, some people think that dresses should be all aesthetics and provide no warmth factor. Head down to your city centre on a Friday night and you’ll see an endless parade of women freezing like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining – all because they didn’t want to wrap up.

But plenty of fashion labels provide smart and stylish dresses with cotton or fur-lined materials. They’re still low-cut and on the bleeding edge of fashion – but they won’t leave icicles hanging from your nose, team these with thick tights, boots and that shrug and you will be warm and fashionable too.  I was never really a dress wearer however all my recent purchases have been dresses and thick tights, now I just need to find some long boots which are flat for the school run and will fit my thick calves and I am almost set for winter without reaching for my usual go-to jeans.


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