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If you are like me you have probably never heard of the Sitbag, so when Lena asked me to try it out with Emmy and to review this item we jumped at the chance.

So what is a Sitbag?

It is an-all-in-one footmuff available in two sizes, newborns and toddlers which is suitable for all baby and child trasportation which uses a harness system (both 3 and 5 point).
We have used this in 2 of Emmy’s buggies and in her stage 2 car seat.

This is the Sitbag Toddler size in Emmy’s Buggy.

As you can see it is made be be sat on by the child holding it in place.  It has an inbuilt hood to keep your child’s head warm in the cold or on windy days, the hood has a zip at the back which when unzipped means it can be folded away when not in use.

Being an all-in-one bag means the bag in not umcomforftable to sit on, there are small buttons down a slit so that the harness of the buggy/carseat can easily be threaded through and rebuttoned to keep in place, this also ensures that carseats can be tightened easily without having to remove the bag.

The footmuff section itself has a large pocket on the front meaning the child can either put their hands in the pockets or they can store toys (or if your name is Emmy you can keep snacks handy!)  The footmuff is long and even Emmy who is tall has lots of room left.  There are poppers to keep the footmuff up over the lap of the child.  The side has attached ‘wings’ which can easily be wrapped around the child keeping them lovely and snug and cosy.  These are attached to the hood with poppers, so can easily be unpopped to slide into the harness them done up again to keep it in place.

It is made of an Enviromentally friendly fleece. We have the 2011 collection which is made of non-pilling fleece.

The Sitbag is safe to use in car seats and actually has safety benefits too:

  •  The wings fly open in a crash as there are no buttons or zippers to close them.
  • No need to undo the harness system and re-thread the straps to install or remove the Sitbag.
  • Better harness fitting:  The harness needs to be as close as possible to the child’s body, this is difficult in cold weather or cold nights due to puffy clothes.  The Sitbag solves this problem by keeping the child warm and ensuring correct fitting of the shoulder straps.
  • Longer carseat use: Puffy clothes need more room so carseats are outgrown long before they should be.
  • Children do not need to be woken up when using Sitbag as it does not interfere with the harness at all so can be taken out of the car/buggy with the child.

The Sitbag can be used in Strollers, carseats, bike seats/trailers, as a sleeping bag and also as a Poncho – it can be folded in such a way it can be worn to and from the car.  It can also be used as a cover when breast feeding in public.

Probably the best thing about the Sitbag is that the child actually sits on it, so as well as making their seat padded it does not fly off and can not be kicked off or Emmy’s favourite thrown away.  It is very easy to fit into the buggy and the carseats too.

Emmy watching t.v in her Sitbag, judging by the smiles I would say she likes it!!

Sizes & Prices:
Sitbag Baby: Newborn – approx 1 year (Length: 90cm)  €30.00 Shipping included except non-european counties. 
Sitbag Toddler: 9 months/1 year – approx 4 years (Length: 150cm) €43.30 Shipping included except for non-european countries. 

For further information please visit their website (click English at the top of the page – the company is in Denmark)

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