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I am a huge fan of baby-wearing.  I came into it late with Emmy – I used to have a second hand Baby Bjorn carrier which I used for her and she liked it as it meant she was close to Mummy and felt secure.  I continued to use this for around a year – however when she was too big and she was able to face the world in it she wasn’t all that keen.

It was around this time I invested in a Mei-Tai, mostly so I could put into my bag and use at work – Emmy would always cry when it was time for me to cook dinner at work, so I would tie her onto me and get on with helping with homework, washing the kids clothes and making dinner.

Emmy loved her Mei-Tai, it was great for front, back and hip carries.  Infact I am still able to use it for back carries with Emmy now.

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When I was pregnant with Harry I had planned to wear him too – OK, what I hadn’t accounted for was reflux and NEEDING to hold him just as much as I do – nearly all day and most of the night.

To help him feel better he feeds upright as much as possible and then needs to be kept up for at least 30 minutes after feeding, and with Emmy around the easiest way it to strap him to me or use a carrier.

While pregnant I was sent a Trek Snuggle Carrier from MaByLand to try out with Harry – it actually took us a while to use it as it is recommended for 8lb + baby’s and Harry was 7lbs 9oz at birth and was rather short so he was too low down in the carrier.

When he was big enough to use it I had a few issues – he was so low down that his face presses against the padded body which goes between you and the baby and he would keep trying to turn his head to find a comfortable position, and even when the straps are done up loosely he seems rather squashed.

I have persevered and tried numerous times but this carrier isn’t for me I’m afraid.  My main issues are the huge padded area between me and Harry – he likes the closeness, he sleeps on me mostly every night and I am breast feeding too so this seems like a barrier between us both which squashes him no matter how loosely I do it up, and I’m not keen on the way his legs dangle freely in this as it seems they aren’t as supported as they should be.

He is now almost 14lbs at 15 weeks and his head pops out of the top of this now so he see can move his head and not have it pressed into the padding – however if he falls asleep in this I am not able to take him out again without him waking up as it is too restictive.

In contrast, Paul loves it and uses it when dog walking when he takes Harry with him.  Its warm and padded and comes with a blanket with is stored into the front pouch – to use this you button onto the 4 buttons on the front and either let hang of tuck under baby’s feet to keep them warm.

The straps are very padded and it is very easy to put on, just unclip and slip over your head, do up both side clips and them put baby in.  It is them secured around baby with clips on the shoulders when they are facing you or hidden clips behind when they are facing away from you.

This carrier proves that baby-wearing is so different – some carriers you will instinctively like and other just won’t work for you.  This wasn’t for me at all yet Paul likes it, and while I love my Wraps and Sings and Paul will not even try those!

The Snuggle Trek Carrier is available to buy from MaByLand and costs £59.99

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