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I’ve never tried teeth whitening at home before, I rarely actually need them cleaned when I go to the dentist however since having the kids I have started drinking coffee, something I never used to drink, but the lack of sleep has lead to a new found love addiction of coffee. 
Coffee of course stains your teeth and cleaning alone hasn’t managed to remove the stains which are beginning to show, not majorly however enough for me to notice them.
Smile Brilliant recently got in touch asking if I would be interested in trying out their home teeth whitening kit promising it would be easy to do at home.
Not having done this before I was a little unsure what to expect however the instruction’s in the pack are very easy to follow and the only difficult thing I have found is finding time to do this.
It’s not a quick 5 minute affair and being a busy mum with two young children I’ve found ‘me time’ seriously lacking so this post and review has been seriously delayed, I can however confirm that it is actually very easy to do.
Inside the pack you receive a detailed set of instructions, a gum shield, tooth whitening gel pen and an LED accelerator light.
To start you need to remove the plastic insert which covers the battery inside the LED light.  Then you need to prep the pen ready, this is just a case of removing the lid and twisting the bottom until the gel starts to come out – this took about 25 turns for me (the instruction’s state it can take up to 40 so be patient).
Picture credit: Smile Brilliant
Next you need to paint the gel over your teeth, turning the bottom of the pen for more gel every few teeth (obviously you only do the teeth which will be seen, this is cosmetic only so don’t try to do the molars at the back).
Then comes the slightly trickier part – insert the mouth guard and then turn on the LED light and put into your mouth against the mouth guard – this needs to stay in your mouth so wrap your teeth around the clear plastic to hold it in place.  This needs to stay in your mouth for 20 – 45 minutes with the light on.
As I said before this is time consuming so don’t try to do quickly – I’ve found that it is best to do in the evening while I’m sitting here blogging after the kids are in bed – don’t do when you’ve visitors arriving as you will look like a tit a little silly and you won’t be able to talk.
I’ve now used this over a period of 2 weeks every few nights (20 minutes at a time – I couldn’t manage any longer) and I have noticed a vast difference.  Sadly I forgot to take the before and after pictures however I’m giving you the chance to try this for yourself so you can see that it works.

(Pregnant or nursing women should consult with their doctors before using this product)

Giveaway Time
Smile Brilliant have offered a home teeth whitening kit for one lucky reader to try for themselves.  This kit is priced at $39.95 and the giveaway is open to residence from the UK, US, AU & CA.
If you would like to try this for yourselves then please enter using the rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway will close at midnight on 25th April 2014.  Good Luck



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