Smoking: A change for the better

As you know I am now 36, I know women shouldn’t be telling you their age but I honestly don’t have a problem with it – it’s just a number after all, I feel around 50 half of the time due to lack of sleep, only kidding.  Anyway the point in talking about age is remind us all that times do change, and sometimes for the better.
Back when I was the same age as Emmy is now, 6, both of my parents smoked, in fact around half of all of the adults I knew back then did.  It was the done thing.
There were none of the rulings there are now, you could smoke anywhere and everywhere.  People smoked:
  • In offices
  • In pubs
  • In the car
  • In cinemas
  • On buses
I have grown up around smokers and never thought of it as an issue really as it’s what I grew up around so was the norm for me.
My Dad gave up smoking around the time I was in Junior school. I don’t remember when he decided he wanted to stop or the reasoning behind it but I do remember it took a lot of will power and it was something he wanted to do.  I am so proud of my Dad for stopping smoking, it was something he had done for as long as I knew and wasn’t a very easy thing for him to do but he did and hasn’t smoked since. 
He went cold turkey, stopping one day from being a 60 a day smoker to nothing – using his will power only.  He turned to sweets as something to do with his hands and to replace the cigarettes which of course led to weight gain.  Mum recalls that he slept a lot during this time – if you are asleep you can’t smoke.
There was a lot less help available back then and less push to help smokers to give up,
Now I am a parent myself I can see all of the changes in the past few years, and they are ones for the better.  I like that I can take the children to the cinema and it is smoke free, we can go on a bus and not have to sit next to a smoker and we could walk into an office and it doesn’t smell of stale smoke. 
I know it was hard for my Dad to give up and it is for anyone so the want to stop has to be there before steps are put into place.
There is now lots of help and advice around for those who would like to quit – a few helpful tips for those thinking of stopping are:
  • Do so at a stress free time – if you are stressed you will be more likely to fail
  • Ask for help.  That may be from a doctor or a close support network who you can talk to when the tough gets going
  • Find something else to do to replace the habit of smoking
  • Put the money saved away in a jar so you have a visual of your savings
There are lots more benefits to quitting so for more advice, support and information on ditching cigarettes and maybe thinking about alternatives like vaping or e liquids PLEASE CLICK HERE

Now I just need to leave this post open and on view for my Mum and Husband to read through and await the backlash which will come first from Paul I’m sure. 

“This is a collaborative post”

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