Smoothie Maker – Review

Emmy loves some fruits – Apples, Bananas and Strawberries however getting her to eat her 5 a day is rather difficult sometimes, the mood needs to take her for her to eat them.

We were sent a Kenwood B245 Concert Mini Smoothie Maker to have a play with and it has been a hit with Emmy and since using it we have no problems getting her to eat her 5 a day, in fact she is happy now to have more than that (she loves her vegetables and would eat only those given the chance).

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Setting up the smoothie maker was very easy, take out of the box, put the jug onto the base and plug in – my gadget, quick and easy.
Making juice or a smoothie is so easy too – just throw everything in and turn on. There are fill levels indicated on the side of the jug so you don’t over fill.  You can add fresh fruit, frozen fruits and even ice cubes.

It has a 400 watt motor and stainless steel blades which make whizzing up even ice cubes effortless (I have to admit I crushed a lot of ice over the festive period as I treated myself to a few cocktails), there is a lockable lid which makes sure the contents of the blender stay where they should and not all over you (just make sure you put the lid on as the machine is able to start with the lid off as Emmy discovered to my horror).

Emmy’s favourite thing to make has been Banana milkshake which is also great for using up the Banana’s which are over ripe.
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Banana Milkshake for 2 people:
2 ripe Banana’s
Pint of milk
3/4 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Add all of the above to the smoothie maker and turn on – simple as.

Emmy is able to make herself her smoothie or milkshake herself (supervised obviously) as it really is that simple.   She likes to press the buttons which are the speed controls including a pulse option and then using the dispenser tap pour her own drink.

It is noisy however all these types of machines tend to be, washing and cleaning is easy – just washing in the sink opening the dispenser tap to rinse through, there are no small bit to remove to clean it also meaning nothing to loose either.

The RRP of this item is £49 and we have used it enough to say it is worth the money.  We now need to invest in a smoothie maker book so we can make new smoothies.

Disclosure: We were sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review however all opinions and thought are our own.

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