Snap Happy: Digital Cameras for Kids

Young children have never known (and will likely never know) a world without technology. From smartphones to tablets, video game consoles to digital cameras, kids today have an intuitive, intense fascination with technology. For parents interested in investing in a digital camera for their kids, there’s a range of products on the market specifically targeted to children of all ages. Offering ease of use, kid-friendly functionality and incredibly durable features, the world of digital cameras for children is impressively versatile. Here are some key things to consider when purchasing your first (or next) kid-friendly digital camera.
Traditional cameras have a lot of moving parts although they may not always appear to. Parents of young children should always consider choking hazards (batteries? memory cards?) and look for products that are made with appropriate materials and in a suitable price range for the specified age group. The requisite functionality will be different for every age group, so parents should also consider how long they’d like the camera to last. An entry level DSLR might be the perfect camera for a responsible tween with an interest in photography, just as an inexpensive point-and-shoot may be the best solution for a family with rough-and-tumble kids who are prone to breaking things.
Like most technology, digital cameras have a way of becoming obsolete faster than their analogue predecessors ever did. This is one reason why prices are lower than ever, but it’s also the reason for not wanting to spend too much on an expensive product. Kids are going to need a more durable camera, there’s no way around that, so waterproof features and strong materials that can handle being dropped once or twice are always good things to look for. Buy a camera that will last you and your family a few years but one which isn’t so expensive that you’d be really upset if something happened to it.
Beyond documenting great family moments, cameras are a wonderful way to encourage kids to view the world in new and different ways. Consider a digital camera purchase as an opportunity to explore a hobby together with your children, to go out and photograph things or to stage images with costumes and props and snap some hilarious and memorable images.
Technology sometimes makes it hard for parents and children to interact with each other. The digital versions of cameras may be relatively new, but photography is a tried and true art form as well as one of the best ways to document family history; and it has been for generations.

Purchasing a digital camera for your kids can be a fantastic way to bond with them and find a common interest that you can enjoy for years to come.
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