SnoozeShade – A fantastic item

I was given a Snoozeshade to review with the help of my then 10 month old girl.

First impressions – looked very easy to fit with clear instructions and loved that it comes with its own storage bag.

First thoughts – willing to try but doubt it would work as my little girl rarely sleeps in the buggy, infact only has done a handful of times when she was a baby.

Well FANTASTIC is how I would describe the snoozeshade. How wrong I was. It works a dream. Now my daughter naps daily in her buggy instead of on me! Thank you so much.

I’m now thanks to this wonderful product able to have lunch in peace and get some jobs done on the day instead of in the evening.

It prevents light coming into the buggy and covers the whole front of both my 4 and 3 wheel buggies. It’s very easy to attach and stays in place and even better it has a SFP50+

I did find it fitted my 4 wheel buggy better than my 3 wheel one but worked just as well on both.

My only criticism would be that both my buggies have parent viewing screens on the hood which aren’t covered at all by the shade and my daughter kept turning round to look out of there, I draped a blanket over this bit and she was asleep within minutes.

Overall its great.

(SnoozeShade is a unique blackout blind for prams, carrycots, pushchairs and buggies (in flat-lying or upright modes). This innovative baby sleep product was created by a British mother specifically to help babies and toddlers sleep for as long as needed in a pram or pushchair.)

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