Snowy Adventures

Whenever the weather forecasts snow the children get their hopes up and get really excited, being young they are yet to realise that we live in the south of the UK and it’s a rather rare occurrence so I try not to mention it in front of them.

It’s been rather a years since they saw proper snow, snow which actually settled and they could play in.

When snow was forecast for last week I didn’t even tell the kids because with the amount of rain we had had that week even if it did start it certainly wouldn’t settle…..or so I thought.

Harry woke at 5am and wanted to come downstairs, I had been working until 1am so reluctantly agreed, making him some breakfast, putting on the TV and grabbing a pillow and a blanket for a cat nap on the sofa, glancing outside to see it pouring with rain.

Fast forward a few hours and Emmy bounds downstairs to open her advent calendar and see what Eddie the Elf was doing – she instantly screams it’s snowing and dances and bounds around the front room.

Half asleep still and with Harry snuggled in and also asleep next to me, I manage to mutter “that’s nice” before closing my eyes again. Of course expecting only a slight glimpse and nothing to settle – only actually coming to when she is asking to go out and play in it.

First snow day of the year

In an instant we were all dressed and outside – it had settled and was coming thick and fast – and of course because it happens so infrequently you can’t ignore it.

And so began our snow day

Kids pulling sledge

The kids were so excited, first just venturing into the back garden but after 20 minutes I had found the welly boots, gloves, scarves, hats and other snow day essentials – buckets, spades, carrots and sledges (why we actually own 3 sledges is beyond me for the 1 or 2 days of snow we get!)

Snow Angels

We managed to stay outside from 8am until 11am then came home again to wake up Daddy as he was missing the fun, then headed out again until after 1pm.

They built some amazing snowmen, had snowball fights, sledged down the hill in the park and generally just had lots of family fun.

Harry's snowman

It did mean we had to miss a play day at a friends as the roads hadn’t been gritted but they had they best day ever just having fun outdoors.

Then when back indoors it was hot baths all round, snuggly PJ’s and slippers with Hot Chocolate, cookies and Christmas movies.

Emmy's snowman

They were, of course, very sad that their school was open the next day, especially when most other schools in the area were closed but were glad it stayed around until the got home from school so they could play again.

They are most certainly now hoping for a white Christmas and if I’m honest, so am I.


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