Snugabub – I really wish I had discovered these sooner

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I have to admit I had never heard of Snugabub before, a product of the Bumpsters range, until a friend recommended them to me and I really wish I had heard of them sooner.
I’m sure you are wondering what is Snugabub? In my opinion it is the best cot/cotbed cover I have used with Emmy, as for a start it stays on the whole night!! We have described her as a caterpillar in bed as she doesn’t stop wriggling some times.
What it is:
Snugabub is a specially fitted top sheet, it works using the same principle as fitted bottom sheets, the bottom is fitted in exactly the same way, this part slides onto the bottom of the mattress then there are tapered sides, one side is tucked in to start with then baby/child is placed into bed and tucked in with the other side creating a safe and ‘snug’ sleeping environment.
I love the idea behind the snugabub, so simple but brilliantly effective. Many parents worry about using covers in bed with their babies/children as the can become untucked, tangled and twisted which in turn obviously poses dangers in itself. – Snugabub removes those worries instantly as even with the wriggliest child the covers stay in place, as my caterpillar has proven.
Snugabub is available in 3 different sizes, to accommodate your growing baby – this helps ensure there is enough sheet to cover your child while still promoting the correct and safe sleeping position (feet to foot)
X-small 0-6 months
Small 6-12 months
Medium 12-24 months
This is Emmy half way through a good night’s sleep with her medium sized snugabub, and as you can see she is very ‘snug’.
Snugabub are also bringing out fitted blankets in time for the Autumn which I cannot wait to try with Emmy in her new toddler bed.
You can buy your own Snugabub top sheet on their website for just £14.99!
   Snugabub have been shortlisted for best Nursery Bedding by Loved By Parents, you can vote for them too.

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