Snuggle Pets – new friends #Review

Emmy has been feeling poorly recently so when the postman brought a special package of cuddly friends to review I knew she would adore them.

I was right.  New friends have been made and they are permanent features of her bedroom currently.

Emmy received 3 new friends from the Snugglepets range from Flair:

  • A purple Monkey CuddleUpPet
  • A Shamzees Unicorn
  • and a Dog Tummy Stuffer

Now I probably don’t need to tell you what a CuddleUpPet is – if you’ve children you will have heard the song on the TV, you know the one:

“Cuddle Cuddle UpPets, Cuddle Cuddle UpPets
Blankets that are Puppets”
Now I apologise slightly if that song is now stuck in your head (welcome to my world!)
The idea behind this toy is that it helps to entertain children while keeping them warm at the same time.  The head of the blanket is a hand puppet – by placing your hand in you can make them talk (well pretend to talk), Emmy loves it when we give her monkey a voice and make him talk to her.
CuddleUpPets, Flair PLC, Review,
The blankets themselves are on the smaller side as they are meant to be worn around the shoulders and body.  I find these are perfect car blankets as the can be wrapped around Emmy’s shoulders so she can play and then if she falls asleep can be used to cover her legs and body with, the monkey’s head also makes a great pillow making the journey comfy for her.
Priced at £19.99 these are great value as you would expect to pay that for a blanket alone or perhaps for a nice puppet – this is the best of both and Emmy does love it.
Shamzees Unicorn, Flair plc, review,
Smamzees are fluffy pet pillow cases – fitting a standard sized pillow these friends transform a boring pillow into a huggable friend.
Shamzees Unicorn, Flair plc, review, www.emmysmummy.comThere isn’t a great deal I can say about our Unicorn – she opens her mouth widely and eats your boring old pillow and transforms into a very cute and adorable huggable companion. 
We find her legs get in the way while you sleep so we tuck them under her and she is super fluffy and soft.  On a few occasions Emmy has slept in my bed and I’ve been made to sleep in her room and I have to say I may need one of these myself as it’s lovely to cuddle sleep on.
Priced at £19.99 it’s more than I would expect to pay for essentially a pillow case but Emmy is rather taken with him and if it makes her actually want to go be bed then it gets my approval!
Our dog Tummy Stuffer is AMAZING!!! Every house needs one of these!
Tummy stuffers are cuddly toys with a difference.  Not only are they cuddly and look great they hide all the mess in their tummies!
Perfect for a quick room tidy up if visitors turn up in a hurry – no more shoving all Emmy’s teddies in a bucket in her room or in the cupboard – our dog now eats them.
I was so surprised at how much can fit in his tummy – just look for yourselves:
Tummy Stuffers Tan Dog, , review, flair plc,
All those teddies easily fit inside his tummy and more would fit too if you squeezed them in!
What I like about this is it could be used for sleepovers – pop pyjamas, toothbrush and toiletries, clothes, a book and other essentials inside and you won’t need any extra cuddly toys as you can cuddle him in bed. 
These are also priced at £19.99 which you can quite easily pay for a nice cuddly toy or a children’s overnight bag. 
You can find all of these items on the website here.

 To find out more information about Snuggle Pets and help with your kids bed time routine head over to for its Snuggle Pets takeover from 11th to 24th November 2013.

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