Space saving ideas for your bedroom

It is easy to make a small bedroom
into a sleek and welcoming haven rather than a cramped and uninviting
space simply by giving some thought to the size of your furniture.
Whether it is your own or a child’s bedroom, scaling down the bed
and wardrobe size in particular, frees up lots of space.

You can find a great
range of furniture ideal for a small bedroom at high street and
second hand stores as well as
and offline auctions. Other ways to free up some space in your
bedroom is to ruthlessly de-clutter, downsize your ornament
collection, and tidy up!

Space saving

For people with a king
or super king-sized bed, consider whether a standard double bed would
be more practical in the room. If you consider that a king-sized bed
measures 5’ x 6’6” as opposed to a standard double at 4’6”
x 6’3” it is obvious that just this one change will create a lot
more space, as well as reducing the cost of your bedding.

A divan bed that
incorporates drawers into the base offers extra storage for clothes,
bedding or other items that do not currently have a home. Bed head
units with shelving or alcoves for ornaments, books and lighting also
provide storage and display areas without taking up valuable floor

A wardrobe with sliding
doors might be a better idea than those that swing open, as apart
from taking up more space, they also block out light in the room.

House to Home magazine has some style ideas for small bedrooms.
Although the emphasis is on boys’ bedrooms in this article, the
colour schemes could equally be adapted to appeal to girls.

De-clutter and
organise your space
You might be surprised
by how much space can be created just by de-cluttering your wardrobe.
Clothes that have not been worn for six months or longer may be sold
on an auction site, sent to a charity shop or thrown away, depending
on the condition.

Not only will there be
more space, but de-cluttering also has a liberating effect that
motivates people to clear the clutter in other areas of the house.
The bedroom will feel more relaxing once the clutter has gone, and by
putting things like shoes, handbags and belts in dedicated boxes and
drawers, you will feel more organised and in control.

provide a blueprint for successful de-cluttering, which can be used
for every room in the house.

Storage ideas

Space saving,
all-in-one furniture for a child’s bedroom incorporates a
combination of integral work desk, bookshelves, a wardrobe and
overhead storage cabinets. This type of furniture is ideal for a box
room, and still leaves space for a television and games console.
Combine this with under-bed storage, and you have a place for toys,
games, books and all the other paraphernalia that accumulates over

For your own bedroom,
vacuum sealed bags are a good way to store unseasonal clothes or
bedding, and can be kept underneath the bed or on top of a wardrobe.
Putting a shelf or two inside your wardrobe will also provide a place
to neatly display shoes, and store jumpers or handbags.

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