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My house is a very slow work in progress, much slower than I would like it to be however slowly I am completing the rooms which have been decorated and making plans for those which haven’t yet been touched.

Since moving in around 12 years ago most rooms have had at least a lick of paint, some of them needed the wallpaper stripping back and carpets needed changing.  The rooms which have had the most attention are my hallway as it was a bright green colour when we moved in and quite frankly not to our taste at all and the children’s room have been completed and are my favourite rooms in the house.
Pink and white drawer nits for a girls bedroom

Emmy has a beautiful princess style bedroom with purple walls, decorated with pink, purple and white butterflies.  I’ve changed her drawers to pretty pink and white ones and she now has a double bed as sleeping just isn’t her thing and I have to stay with her more often than not to calm her and settle her often.

Double bed into a medium sized bedroom

There are a few things I need to add to her room to complete it – she needs another 2 drawer unit to replace the mismatched one filling the gap, a desk and chair for doing her homework at (I’ve not yet found one I like as I think it will need to be a wall mounted one which opens up due to the spacing in her room) and I’d like to hang a few more shelves so I can remove the Peppa Pig bookcase which she has outgrown.  I need to replace the headboard as the old single one is currently just sitting in the gap currently and she needs some mirrors as there aren’t any at the moment and every girl needs mirrors in her bedroom.  I will mount these onto the wardrobe doors using no more nails to save wall space, wall space which can be use for prints and pictures instead.

Flying Elephant print from Desensio
Recently I was given the chance to choose a few new prints from Desenio for our home, it was a really hard job to choose as they have a huge range available online.  I thought it would be nice to choose something for each of us so after browsing all of the kids prints available I let the children help to choose their own.  Emmy went for a very cute Elephant poster, the Elephant is floating away into the air as he is attached to pint balloons.

This fills a space beautifully in Emmy’s bedroom above her shelf unit and she is so pleased with her choice.  She now looks around her bedroom and says it is beautiful and her friends would be jealous.

Harry helped to choose his print and I just love it and having shared this on Facebook and Instagram it seems to be a very popular choice and I have now heard of a few friends who’ve since ordered this poster print.

A photo posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Jul 6, 2016 at 3:38am PDT

Isn’t it just perfect? And who wouldn’t want to be Batman given the chance?
Harry had very little wall space left so I’ve hung this on the plain wooden panel on his custom built shelving unit/drawers at the end of his bed.
All the poster prints on the website come unframed however they do also sell frames of various colours and sizes to  go with your prints which is very handy as you don’t have to remember the size at a later date and can have it all delivered in one go.
packaging for prints and frames from Desensio
Harry was so keen to see his he refuse to move out of camera shot –
can you spot the photo bomb?
The package arrived in a very sturdy box filled with air-filled bags to make sure there are no breakages during transport and the picture frames have plastic corner packaging around them to further ensure their safe arrival.  The posters come all together contained in a cardboard tube so they won’t be damaged in transit when the courier delivers your parcel.
Each of the children’s posters are available in a few size options so you are able to choose the correct size for your room/wall space.  Both Emmy’s and Harry’s are 21 x 30 cm’s in size and both cost £4.49 each for the prints and £6.85 each for the frames.
I then had a space in my upstairs hall to fill after recently decorating it from top to bottom, we replaced the horrid green carpet which was there when we moved in and changed for a beautiful striped carpet which now goes along the top hall and down the stairs. You can see those before and after pictures here.  All along the upstairs hall there is a black and white theme to my pictures or artwork, I have a family tree above the radiator with pictures of our family within photo frames in the branches of the tree, I have casts of the children’s hands and feet in frames hanging which I made when they were only weeks old and there was a gap with no artwork inbetween the bathroom and Harry’s bedroom doors. 
After browsing the other posters available online on this site I came across the perfect set in the ‘perfect pair’ section.  This is where you will find pairs of art work which perfectly complement each other and I couldn’t resist these London prints as we spend a lot of time as a family in London.  They fill the gap perfectly and I just love them.
pair of london black and white poster prints
Prices: London poster £4.49, Big Ben poster £9.99 and frames £9.92 each

I could have and did spent a huge amount of time on this site, there really is something to suit all styles and households, and of course with prices like these I will definitely be back to purchase some more when I finally decorate my bedroom and the rest of the house.

If frames aren’t to your taste you can also purchase poster hangers or Washi tape to hang your prints.

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