Spending more time together as a family

*Posted in collaboration with Toby Carvery*

For a while now all our weekends have been solidly booked up – far too booked up that it has become a little ridiculous if I am honest.

I often joke with PR’s who contact me asking if I am able to visit somewhere with the children and they think that we can head there that month or even that weekend, when I look in the diary to discover the next available weekend its often 6 months away. I do worry that will scare them off – thankfully it doesn’t seem to happen but that’s just how it is in our household at times.

With my job we often head out to various locations for day trips or even for weekends away and while these are lots of fun by the time we factor in family events, birthdays, weddings and visiting everyone  it does often seem that we are always rushing around here there and everywhere and free time together to just kick back and forget about taking photos of everything, making notes and meeting deadline becomes a little non-existent.

Recently I have been making more of an effort to keep some weekends free, the kids are exhausted with school and want a day just doing nothing, as do Paul and I. Saturdays have now become a PJ and movie day for the past few weeks and it is just what we all needed.

It is important to spend time together as a family and during the week we are all busy, Paul and I working, the kids at school and after-school clubs, playdates, homework etc. so time during the week is very limited.

Weekends together are something we cherish, and I have to be honest I really don’t like spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking away on that time I could be spending with the kids so when Toby Carvery invited us to spend more time together and head over to enjoy a family meal we jumped at the chance.

We all love a roast dinner, in fact, it is our favourite meals but I one I hate to cook as it just takes so long to cook and once I have spent those 2-3 hours cooking it I have lost my appetite and then have the washing up to contend with.

Why is it that when cooking a roast nearly every single pot and pan I own needs to be used? I try to limit myself but still end up using so many as there are just so many things to cook, and heaven forbid that I forget any of the trimmings as someone would have a meltdown (this isn’t only limited to the kids!).


Heading off to Toby Carvery is a far better option and something we do like to do at least once a month. No cooking for me is always a bonus but it actually also means more family time as I hate the kids hovering around me in the kitchen when I am cooking a roast as I worry they may get burnt etc….but actually it usually means that we get chatting or distracted and I burn part of the dinner.

Sitting around the table eating our food, unstressed and undistracted in a restaurant means we can chat about our week, catch up on what the kids have been learning at school, who they have been playing with and they can tell us anything which may be bothering them.

It also gives us a chance to practice their reading a little too or do some of their homework with them while they are awaiting dessert – of course, they prefer not to so it isn’t something I push while out. If not doing that we chat or even take a puzzle book or game and play something while they wait for ice-cream after their dinner.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Toby Carvery for helping us to gain a little more family time, and they even on this occasion helped us to have even more as they very kindly arranged for my weekly shop to be delivered instead of me having to walk up to Tesco when the kids were at school or worse still having to drag the kids around with me at the weekends which is something I hate doing as it costs so much more money and they always want me to buy them a toy etc and the tantrums occur when they are told no.


To find your nearest Toby Carvery or to book a table in advance please visit the website

How do you ensure you spend quality time as a family?

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