Spoil your loved ones this Grandparents day

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a parent and their child, but there’s something unique, and extra special about the relationship between a child and their grandparents. You probably remember your parents moaning when your beloved Grandpa and Grandma let you get away with all the things they wouldn’t let them get away with, and you probably have a fair few memories of sneaky schemes that your mum and dad probably still don’t know about to this day! A grandparent is like an extra parent – one you’re the best of friends with. Keeping that in mind, if your kids are lucky enough to still have them with us, you might want to help spoil them this Grandparents Day. They probably don’t even know it exists, which makes it an even bigger surprise. The good news is that there’s plenty of ideas that’ll put a smile on their face!

Although we’re all obsessed with the latest iPhone, or the new Xbox One, grandparents are likely to be the last generation that actually smile from the simple things, refusing to get involved in the ever-changing modern world. Sometimes it seems time can be enough to put a smile on their face. So, why not take Grandpa for a round of golf and a cold beer to discuss today’s news? If the little ones are around, you might want to hold off on the beer, but it’s most definitely the thought that counts. Instead, you could get him to tell stories from his school days – your kids are bound to be fascinated with just how different things were! It might seem simple to you, but it’s bound to put a smile on his face. Don’t forget Grandma, why not take her for a ‘Spa Day’ treatment? She’s likely to make her feel a million dollars (and twenty years younger, but you’re probably better off not mentioning that one!).
Sometimes grandparents grow stubborn in their old age, as much as they’d hate to admit it (see?!). Perhaps you’re in need of a gift you can hand over face-to-face, one that doesn’t involve travelling anywhere, or any unneeded complications. Everyone knows their Grandma’s favourite fragrance, or her favourite kind of jewellery, so perhaps look to get her something that will make her smile, while continually saying “my grandchild” bought me this to everyone she knows (which tends to be a lot of people by this point!). When it comes to Grandpa, perhaps a crate of beer and some snacks will be enough, but there’s plenty more ways to make him smile, such as an ornament for his garden, some driving gloves or a nice box of chocolates!
Sometimes you might want to do something more significant, and something that’s likely to make them both smile. Flowers from Floric are just for you. Nobody dislikes flowers – they’re a worldwide gesture of love, and care, and a gesture your grandparents will never forget. Of course, you could add the flowers, fragrance and a day out to make the ultimate celebration, and make them smile in more ways than they ever imagined possible. They won’t stop talking about the “sweet gesture” for weeks – even the postman will get the details. No harm can be done, other than that people might grow tired of hearing about it for a week straight (!).


Whatever you choose to get them, remember the most important rule is that old saying “it’s the thought that counts”. If you think things through it’ll show in your gift selection, and Grandparents will soon realize that, meaning you’ve given them the perfect Grandparents day.

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