Sponsored Video – Total Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is actually my favourite style yogurt, thick and creamy and tastes divine with Honey or fresh fruit, I’ve tried to get Emmy to enjoy however she won’t even try it – which means more for me!

Below is the brand new advert for Total Greek yogurt which has remained unchanged since 1926!

The video is filmed to appear as if it is in the 1920’s and set in Greece.  Founder Anthanassios Filippou first opened a small dairy in Athens. 

In the first scene you will see a young boy encourage a cow out of its field and through a gate only later on to ‘rescue’ the cow and receive a reward of a bowl of Total Greek yogurt by his mother.

At the end of the film the mother answers a mobile phone, this is to bring the viewer through a period of 90 years without realising that anything has changed – which is the same with the yogurt itself, unchanged for a period of 90 years.

To make this footage look older and softer the director of photography filmed it with a 35mm film, using vintage lenses.  Painstakingly multiple prints from the 35mm negative were combined and isolated to pick out specific areas to colour to create the vintage colour look to the film with a few scenes actually hand painted.

You have to admit that’s a lot of work for a short advert and a lot of effort has gone into creating the desired effect, which is actually a rather cute video – why not see for yourself?

For more information and thousands of recipes, go to www.totalgreekyoghurt.com

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