Spring cleaning has begun – my top tips

I’ve previously written about my new cleaning regime, you can recap on that in my post organising my chaos in bite sized pieces.

Basically it involves breaking down the big jobs into manageable tasks and doing regularly instead of just once or twice a week.


In return for my cleaning tips I have been supplied with a few cleaning products to help get the housework on track, these were supplied by Intellicig to coincide with the survey results over on their blog showing that their ECOpure liquid has come out top in the latest survey.


Once I’ve given it a good clean – a proper all over clean.  Washing down all the surfaces, clean the sinks, shower, bath and toilets.  Clean all the mirrors, sweep the floor and then mop.

When this has been done it’s easy to maintain by doing daily:

  • Every morning wipe down the sink and surfaces – it will take a few minutes max and if you do daily it won’t take any longer.
  • Empty the bins daily
  • Wipe down the loo every evening and pour some cleaner in to leave over night (left over dregs from your can of coke works well!)
  • Put tooth brushes and tooth paste away after use and get in the habit of putting shampoo’s and bath products in the cupboard after use.
  • Rinse the bath out after use.

It’s only a few steps however it means you won’t be spending a long time cleaning the bathroom as it shouldn’t get messy.


When cooking dinner fill the sink with hot soapy water, then wash up as you go along – this saves time after your meal as the majority will already be cleaned and almost dry enough to put away.

  • Try to keep surfaces as clear as you can – I’ve bought some storage boxes for the bits I’ve no room for which helps to hide the clutter
  • Wash up as you go along and put away again when dry (I don’t dry up however it doesn’t take long to air dry)
  • Make sure the sink and draining board is clear every evening so it’s already clutter free at the start on the new day


Set yourself a small task to do and set a timer – I’ve been a member of Hannah’s A New Better You Facebook group for a while now (Hannah blogs over at A New Addition).  The Facebook group aims to overcome the big task of keeping up with the big jobs and helps to keeps all members positive and happy.

Hannah sets timers throughout the day 15 minutes at a time and we can all join it and then show/tell of our progress in that time.

I’m not hugely great at this as I forget to stop and carry on until the job I started has been finished however it does give me that push to start in the first place.

I find that doing one task a day helps me to keep up with the mess – for instance this week I’m tackling the kitchen cupboards, the kids art corner and my display unit.

Little and often:

I’ve set jobs which I do daily, but doing these daily is means they don’t take as long as those areas aren’t as messy – it may seem like a huge list however it actually takes about 45 minutes to complete everything on this list:

  • Make all beds
  • Open curtains
  • Put a load of washing on
  • Wipe around the bathrooms
  • Get everyone dressed
  • Have breakfast and clean up from breakfast

We then play and do what we like for the rest of the morning.

  • Have lunch and tidy up from lunch
  • Put dinner in the slow cooker or prep ready for later
  • Hang up washing
  • Hoover whole house
  • Dust everywhere

It may seem a lot however I actually never feel as if it’s now a chore as it’s become routine and is so quick to do.  Adding in things like steam cleaning the floors every few days.

To make tasks even simpler I have extra cleaning supplies in stock – 2 lots of bathroom cleaner (1 lives up stairs, and one downstairs) Cleaning wipes I prefer to cloths as you can throw them away again after – especially after cleaning the toilet!  I have some in both bathrooms.

Odds n Sods Basket:

I have introduced an Odds and Sods basket which I take into a room with me, anything which doesn’t live in that room gets thrown into the basket and this is emptied when full up!

This saves the endless wondering from room to room to find homes for toys and means the rooms are staying tidier for longer.

Home made cleaning products:

Most products I will buy however a few things I make myself:

  • Window cleaner – I have a spray bottle which I add some washing up liquid to, add a few drops of water and just spray onto the windows.  Using a squeegee it leave the windows smear free and is much cheaper than buying a special window cleaner
  • Limescale remover – I use white vinegar or lemon juice.  Leave in contact with the surface for at least an hour then rinse off (for taps add some liquid into a bag and tie onto the taps with an elasticband)

I’m also competing against 7 other bloggers to win a £150 voucher for providing my best tips.
You can follow these hashtags to see the other posts #Springcleaning #ECOpure

Do you have any tips for easing the cleaning burden?



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11 thoughts on “Spring cleaning has begun – my top tips

  1. A cleaning plan seems like a very helpful way to keep cleaning manageable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well done on winning, you have some fab tips, I love the timer idea, I should do that more often and the basket idea is great only not sure I would empty it often enough 🙂

  3. You hoover the whole house every day?!? I'm in awe of you!!! I do the living room every day as that's where the kids play, but I'm not sure I could handle doing the whole house – that gets done once a week. Love the 15 minute idea though.

  4. This is such a great post – little and often is so much better. I need to get on top of everything here so I can start doing little and often! Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. I am terrible at keeping on top of things! I find myself going "Oooh I'll just go and do that" and then lose an hour or two! I need to follow your tips 🙂

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