Spring cleaning with the help of Karcher steam cleaner

It’s now spring! Not that you could tell by the weather outside however that means only one thing….spring cleaning.

Not a job that I like and not one I usually partake in, I usually try to do a little bit at a time adding a different job to my weekly clean so that I keep up with it all.  However since I was sent a Karcher SC 2.500 C steam cleaner I have been trying it out with the jobs I hate, the ones I put off forever.

Firstly I will tell you about the cleaner then show you the messiest thing I have been cleaning with it.

What’s in the box?

Inside were the steam cleaning unit (yellow) with long hose and detail nozzel, 2 long extension poles, 2 back wheels, a swivel front wheel, 2 cleaning tool 1 large for the floor and a smaller hand one as well as the cleaning cloths to attach to these, a small round brush, descaling sticks and instructions.

I didn’t find the instructions all that detailed or easy to follow however this was very simple to use it didn’t prove a problem.  Just pushing the back wheels on attaches them and a little more effort is needed to attach the front swivel wheel – a hard push and it’s on and your pretty much ready to go.   The white/clear tank you can see in the above picture comes off and you fill from the tap to the fill line, plug in, switch on and wait for the green light to stop flashing – it is now ready to go.  It heats up and is ready to use in 6 minutes.

To attach the floor cleaning cloth is a little fiddly – you fold the cloth in half, open the catches on the side of the large brush, feed the cloth under and clamp down.  Effective however I found the cloth did slide out a little once the cloth was wet but it does do the job and it hasn’t once fallen off completely just shifted a bit.

Cleaning my kitchen tiled floors has been easy, I attached both of the extension poles and the floor cleaning brush (the large one) and using the handle trigger you can determine just how much steam is produced and you have the open of flicking a switch to have a little amount of steam or a lot.  There is also a safety catch on the handle which when switched to the off position means you can’t accidentally spray steaming hot water across your kitchen while changing the attachments – yes I managed to do that once or twice so now religiously flick the catch on before attempting to remove the nozzles. 

Now for the dirtiest job:

My oven door.  Now don’t look at this picture if your eating and I do apologise but I’m a mum of 2 children and finding time to clean an oven is not on my priority list.


I cleaned that oven door using steam alone – it took around 8 minutes to do and now I know just how easy it is I will try to do it more often, no chemical or cleaning solutions were used just steam. I have made short work also of cleaning:

  • my bathroom tiles
  • the grouting in between the tiles
  • my mirrors
  • windows and glass doors
  • the bathroom ceiling – it was very discoloured from where Paul smokes in the bath

It has been so easy to clean using this that I’ve been able to add lots of extra jobs to my weekly clean without the added effort or time consumption.

Overall I really like this, it does a very good job of cleaning and is very simple to use, I would prefer a different way of attaching the large floor cloth and would like a slightly longer cord and maybe a way of winding the cord after use like a hoover retract but they are only little things.

The RRP of this is £219 and is available from www.karcher.co.uk

What Karcher say:
“Versatile steam cleaner engineered for hygienic, environmentally-friendly, deep cleaning without the need for chemicals. Designed with two tanks, including a removable and refillable tank, for non-stop steam so you can finish the job faster.”


Disclosure: I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network, a group of parent bloggers picked by Mumsnet to review products, services, events and brands.  I have not paid for this product however have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.” 

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