Stabilis Review and Competition

As a parent the above image scares the life out of me.  We are lucky enough to have a nice big Plasma screen TV which is 32″ sitting on a TV cabinet identical to the one above – only bigger.  When Emmy started crawling she soon became fasinated with the DVD’s, wires and very quickly the TV.

When we were presented with this (See pic on the left) I began researching ways of making our rather heavy TV safe and secure from our little climber; as each year with TV’s getting bigger and bigger more children and pets have been injured or killed by toppling TV’s.  Now obviously I do not care about the TV but I do about my daughters safety.

Now I must admit that it took me ages to find what I was looking for as I didn’t actually know myself however I never give up and did find the perfect solution, this was the Stabilis Home Safefty Kit.

The Stabilis Home Safety Kit for LCD and Plasma Screens is a universal solution that secures your flat panel TV in the home, to make it safer.  It has been manufactured and tested to prevent children accidentally pulling large TV’s forward onto themselves.

The Stabilis consists of a rigid, height adjustable bar which fits onto the rear of your 32” – 60” flat screen TV (using the TV`s own wall-mounting holes); the other end is then secured to your furniture or wall. The “stand” end of the Stabilis has adaptors which include a narrower glass shelf clamp, a thick wooden shelf clamp, a bracket to optionally allow you to screw it to wooden furniture, and a bracket to secure to a wall. Although the bar is rigid, it is still possible to swivel the TV on its base.
‘One size fits all’ – the Stabilis Home Safety Kit is compatible with new flat panel screens as well as older style screens

Paul fitted this to our TV extremely easily and now we do not have to worry when Emmy decides that the best places to watch Peppa Pig is standing with her hands firmly pressed up against the screen!

Competition time
The lovely people over at Cheeky Rascals have donated a Stabilis Home Safety Kit for one of my lovely followers to win:
To be in with a chance to win this fantastic Home Safety Kit worth £24.99 simply leave me a comment below telling me your own home safety tip! (Don’t forget to leave a way to contact you chould you win)
A bonus entry is available.  Simply head over to Cheeky Rascals Facebook page here and say “@EmmysMummy (QuinnyCaster 2011) wants to keep my child safe.” Don’t forget to tag me using the @ key so I know you have done this.
Competition closes 9pm Friday 23rd September.
Good Luck

27 thoughts on “Stabilis Review and Competition

  1. My tip is: instead of having to put all your ornaments or candles away from your low shelfs or fireplace, just chuck a few cushions over them to stop your child from being able to break them or hurt themselves! A great temporary solution that's easily fixed when needed 🙂


  2. hi there fab comp
    my tip is the use corner protectors for the coffee table(i find edge 1s come off so i use a runner that u can cut in strips and goes all the way around the table so dont come unstuck as easily)

    my fb name is sarah clegg

  3. My tip would be to try and have a place for things, tripping over things whilst holding a baby is very dangerous! Currently trying to sort all of our stuff out of the nursery before baby arrives – having clear plastic boxes with labels are great. Saves having things lying around on the floor or on shelves which is much safer.

  4. My one big safety tip would be to fence off a section in the garden for the dog to stop little hands adventuring in dogs business.
    Also will do facebook and TRY to tag u lol
    Carly Cutler

  5. This is a great competition with some really good safety tips so far. Mine would be regarding book / toy cases. We have one in the lounge, and one shelf is full of books and the rest toys. I learnt the hard way, always to put the heavier toys & books nearest the bottom of the unit, or I was always having to be right behind her every time she wanted anything off it. She pulled a heavier toy from the top shelf a while back, the result … sore toes!!!!

    I can be contacted on FB or MN 🙂 xx

  6. Have tweeted @01592_katie!/01592_katie/status/109487153586782208
    Very practical giveaway. Thanks for organising and sharing x

  7. To save little fingers being caught in a door, place a towel over the top of the door to prevent it being closed fully. Especially useful when you have a few children around. @01592_katie

  8. Love this gadget – my little one pulled a TV off the wall – clean off but thank God wasn't hurt.
    My safety tip is this: Stair gates are all well and good unless you have a climber in the family. We raised the gate to her bedroom & little one tried to squeeze under it. Finally we had to give up & remove the gate – not safe as stair gate the same design. THEN I discovered the vets to much taller gates to keep even Great Danes in a room – wow! Same design just taller – why haven't the Mothercares of this world discovered these?!

    I have another one! Long before Dragon's Den showed a similar idea my little one was toddling with a bicycle helmet on as we had a stone floor & she was totally fearless & always falling over in her haste to climb or race anywhere! It worked & she remained safe!

  9. My best safety tip would be corner covers on tables as no matter how big a baby or toddler gets, they are always able to either fall and bang their head or, like Lexi, run around and forget the dining table is head height and run straight into it! So I use corner covers everywhere! Lol.

    Hayley from Loved By Lexi xx

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