Stained Glass Window Craft

Today Emmy has been wanting to craft and make all day, firstly we had playdough, then painting, drawing was next then she was keen to make something so started grabbing the tissue paper from the box saying “Use this Mummy”.

So I quickly decided we would try a stained glass window picture.

What we used:
Cling Film
Pritt Stick
Tissue Paper

This activity took me less than 5 minutes to prepare and kept Emmy quiet amused for about half an hour.

Firstly I drew an E shape onto some card then cut it out (you could draw any shape):

I then flipped the shape over (although with this shape it’s hard to tell from the picture that it has been turned over) and sellotaped cling film to the wrong side of the letter, pulling it tightly as I did so.
Next, I cut tissue paper into squares and placed in front of Emmy along with the Pritt Stick.  She then proceeded (after being shown) to put glue onto the tissue paper and glue the shapes onto the wrong side of the letter.  We carried on doing this until all the cling film/cut out E shape had been filled.

We then turned our finished window over, added a few stickers and blue tacked it to our kitchen door.  Emmy loved it and it was quick and easy to make and looks pretty too.

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