It’s a Stamptastic Christmas – Writing cards has never been so easy

I love buying gifts for all the family at Christmas but what I don’t really enjoy is wrapping them up and labelling them and what I find extremely boring and tedious is writing out Christmas cards.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, and for recent years I have been sending less and less of these – mainly as I’ve lost my address book but mostly as I just can’t stand the repetitiveness of writing them out.
Thankfully this year Stamptastic have come to my aid and sent us a wonderful festive helping hand in the form of their Christmas stamps and ink pads.
First up is the Large Christmas Stamp (£30) – this is a quick and easy way to write Christmas cards, it comes with a festive design at the top and you can add the name (or names) of your choice to the stamp. 
I chose to have Emily and Harry on ours so that Emmy could use this for her cards to her school friends, it then has a space for her to write her friends name once printed onto the card. 
This stamp works with the large stamp pad (£8) due to the size it has to be a large pad.  The ink pad is available in a choice of colours: Red, Green, Blue & Black.
It has a large handle which is easy for children to grab.  The raised letters stand far enough away from the base so that the edges of the stamper don’t touch the card like many stamps tend to do after a few uses.
Stamptastic, large personalised christmas stamp, review, ambassador,
This year’s Christmas cards
This has been perfect for encouraging Emmy to write her friends cards as like me she gets bored after a while, stops and then needs coaxing back into starting again another day.  Now, as it is fun to stamp the cards she has been enthusiastic about wanting to finish her list and has even done most of mine just adding Paul and Clare to the bottom.
The fantastic thing about this is that is can be reused again year after year – just make sure the ink pad is firmly closed so it doesn’t dry out and remember where you have stored it safely (that’s my major curse every year – putting seasonal things away safely, I’m sure I’m not alone here!).
We were also sent a small Christmas Stamp (£15) which is the perfect size for gift tags, small cards or even larger cards if you are wanting to save time and sign from all the family.
This you can personalised with a few names and says:
“Merry Christmas
Love from
I’ve had Paul, Clare, Emily & Harry added to ours and this works with a small ink pad (£3.50) (or of course a large if you already have it), the small ink pad is available in 5 colours: Violet, Blue, Green, Red & Black.
Stamptastic, review, small personalised christmas stamp
Our gift tags this year

I just need to remember not to get carried away and stamp the kids presents with this one as they won’t be impressed.
We were also sent a Classic address stamp (£15) , this can be used all year round and is perfect for adding a return address to cards and parcels which will be sent through the post.
For obvious reasons I’m not putting up a picture of our one as the world doesn’t need to know my address. 
Stamptastic, Classic address stamp, ambassador, review
Photo credit: Stamptastic
You can add with your name, initials or a house name alongside your address, I chose to have “The Nicholas Family” added to mine along with our address.
Harry has loved stamping the back of all our envelopes with this one, so obviously most are upside down or a little too faint too read but he had a good go and enjoyed himself which is the main thing.
This also works with the small ink pad (or of course can be used with the large one if you wanted).  Both of the smaller stampers have little ridges to hold onto while you print with them.
You’ve still time to order these if you want to add a personalised touch to your cards, tags and envelopes – just visit
If you are liking our Christmas cards and tags for this year then you are able to find our tutorial on making these cute Reindeer handprint cards here.


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