The hidden secrets of your stationery drawer – Stationery facts

stationery facts

When you’re chewing on the end of your pen or fixing sticky notes all over your desk, do you ever pause to wonder how these little bits of everyday stationery items came to exist?

If like me, the answer is probably not. They’re fairly unassuming, and it’s easy to take useful things for granted, isn’t it?

But, what you may not realise is that these humble pieces of stationery such as pens, paper, staplers and erasers actually have a fascinating story of their own. In fact, some of these things only exist because of mistakes made by the people who invented some really cool creations, or for the fact that someone was so irritated by designs of their day that they created something better – I bet you’ve often thought about doing this yourself, I certainly have many times.

Take a look at this infographic below. It’s been created by an educational supplier GLS, and it’s crammed full of surprisingly interesting facts about the kinds of tools we use every day, I admit to knowing very few of these facts myself before I saw this.

infograpic stationery
Provided by GLS

Which everyday item do you wish you could redesign to either bring up-to-date or to improve for the better?

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