Stay fit and healthy: despite having kids

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there anything more draining than trying to stay healthy AND look
after kids? You’ve got the little ones running around your feet,
pulling at your apron strings and waking you up in the middle of the
night, several times a night EVERY NIGHT (surely that can’t just be my kids?).

according to the Daily Mail sleep deprivation is actively ‘ruining’
the lives of young mothers in dire need of 40 winks. And that’s
only the tip of the iceberg.

enough shut-eye, your appetite, mood and general appearance will
diminish. And it’s all a part of a wider problem when it comes to
poor health during the initial stages of motherhood. So
what can you do to make yourself look and feel healthier – even
when your kids are screaming in your ear?

the makeup you use can mean the difference between a deathly pallor
and a flawless face. Sometimes tiredness means we apply make-up too thickly or in the wrong light and while we are trying to cover up those bags under our eyes, what we end up doing is drawing more attention to them
there’s nothing wrong with wanting to cover your tired face, using
the right kind of cosmetic can mean the difference between great or
disastrous pores.

the makeup you’re slapping on is irritating your skin, switch to
mineral powder.
This magical mixture will sit lightly on your skin, merging more
naturally than the cakey high street alternative.

your mineral powder with a lighter tone of lipstick and eyeliner and
you’ll enjoy a healthy appearance without compromising the
cleanliness of your skin.

right – along with your kids

you’re making meals for your kids and trying to persuade them to
eat their greens, making the effort for yourself suddenly doesn’t
seem like such a priority. But without the right nutrition, you’ll
be half-a-parent, too tired to play with your kid and too unhealthy
to fully enjoy their company.

the solution to this is simple – fill your diet with superfoods
meals rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals) to keep your immune
system at its peak. Give your kids the same meals and they’ll eat
just as healthy as you!

your new diet doesn’t have to be as dull as dish water. Drench your
meals in balsamic vinegar, lemon juice or pasta sauce to enjoy a meal
with some kick.

to keep you fit

doesn’t have to be a lone pursuit when you’ve got kids –
especially not when they can join in.

an exercise plan that’s child-friendly
will give you the muscular workout you need. After all, what child
doesn’t love copying what their parent does?


Keeping fit doesn’t have to be boring, Emmy and I enjoyed the Race for Life together this year in memory of her lovely Nanny who we sadly lost the day before the race – the atmosphere of the race gets you moving and helps you reach the finish line, even if I had to carry Emmy half the way around on my shoulders.

We have also really been enjoying family bike rides, this has been made easier by Harry learning to ride his bike with stabilisers (he could only peddle backwards until recently) and Emmy learning to ride without stabilisers.  Now Emmy can ride faster we have gotten a bike seat for our bikes for Harry to sit in – he couldn’t keep up with Emmy and this will give us all a little more freedom as a family to ride more often, have lots of family fun and to help keep us all fit and healthy in the process.



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