Guest Post: Staying stylish as a new mum

As a new mum, you will quickly learn how difficult it is to stay looking your best while caring for your baby. With an endless list of things to do and a messy little eater around, maintaining a smart and polished look is almost impossible.
While this doesn’t really matter at the weekend when you’re spending time at home with your precious family, it can be more problematic when you’re supposed to be heading off to work, meeting up with friends or visiting a restaurant.
Having a baby doesn’t have to mean compromising on style and appearance, so if you want to be a yummy mummy, follow the tips below:
Borrow your baby’s bib
Psychically tying your newborn’s bib around your neck is unlikely to be much help, but you should take inspiration from your son or daughter and adopt a makeshift bib of your own.
By wearing an apron while washing, dressing, changing and feeding your little one, you can protect your outfit underneath and head straight out the door as soon as you’re done. No more last-minute changes necessary.
Be ready for anything
Mothers quickly understand the importance of being prepared for any situation, loading prams and changing bags with spare clothes, baby wipes, and nappies for their child before heading out.
Prepare similarly for yourself: pack an emergency top so you can change in the event of a spillage, a portable stain remover pen, and a mirror, makeup and brush ready for touch-ups.
Buy stylish baby essentials
Opt for stylish versions of baby essentials so that purely functional designs do not compromise your style.
Changing Bag has a huge range of chic changing bags that look just like a regular fashionable handbag. A range of colours, designs and shapes are available to suit your unique style, too.
While of course prioritising functionality, look out for designer prams which boast an elegant look and understated baby carriers which will blend into your outfit.    
Wear fashionable nursing clothes
You’re no longer restricted to drab designs when it comes to nursing clothes – plenty of fashionable brands create garments which allow you to breastfeed comfortably and discreetly all while looking your best.
You can embrace the latest fashions and dress to suit your personality thanks to the incredible selection, and others won’t even be able to tell you’re wearing nursing clothing.
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