Stepping away from the Mummy Uniform with Bodycon Dresses

Since having the children I have inadvertently developed a Mum’s wardrobe, it wasn’t intentional and it was a gradual thing which happened over the years, so gradual that I almost really didn’t notice it happening.  It’s a working practical wardrobe of items which are rotated on a weekly basis but I find myself grabbing the same items to wear week in, week out once they are washed and dried they are back on again in a boring circle pattern.
Getting the children ready for school so we can leave is my major priority, yes I shower and put on my make-up before leaving the house but getting me ready takes around 8 minutes a day on school days – there just isn’t time for anything else.
My Mum wardrobe consists of jeans, long sleeved tops and long cardigans or jumpers teamed with my Pink Timberland boots as we walk the school run.  It is practical – I have pockets for tissues, snacks, extra gloves for the kids etc.  It just works.
When we go out however I do love to step as far away from this working and practical wardrobe as I can and to leave the Mummy Uniform at home.
My go to favourite items of glam dressing up ‘me outfits’ are ones I only discovered last year, something as far from my norm as I could ever imagine but ones I now LOVE.  Bodycon dresses!  I would never in a million years have picked up one of these before last year, they hug your figure which is something I always avoid doing which is why my wardrobe is filled with shapeless outfits, however since loosing a stone last year I was determined to show off my figure a little but not too much.
I am curvy, there is NO denying that, pear shaped and proud but I do have a Mum-tum which I like to cover away – 2 C-sections and no exercise means although Harry is 3 it’s gone no-where.  I saw a picture in a magazine of Amy Child’s wearing one of her dresses from the Amy Child’s collection and I knew it was a dress which would suit me – a black and white Bodycon dress.  It called to me and I had to have it, so I treated myself and I wasn’t wrong.  I loved it.

The contrasting colours and materials help to draw the eye away from my problem areas while drawing the eye into the fact that actually I do have a waist hiding under the baggy clothes.

I was given the chance to try another of the Bodycon dresses from the Amy Child’s collection when I was very kindly offered the choice of an outfit for Mother’s Day.  I had been eyeing up one in particular and with my Niece and Nephew’s Christening approaching as well as my Wedding Anniversary I knew which one I would like to choose – one which is very versatile and can be worn alone with pumps for a dressed down casual look or teamed with heels for a more glam feel.  
I choose the Caroline.
The Caroline dress is a fitted Bodycon dress in a stretchy material, this means it will figure hug but because of the bold floral print the eye is drawn away from any lump and bumps hiding under this dress (believe me I have many but this dress hides them well). 
This dress features a square neckline which means that when out with the children they won’t be the fear of exposing your bra if you bend over – this usually happens to me.  It also has caped sleeves with a contrasting edging, this is great for me as I usually team dresses with a bolero cardigan as I really don’t like the tops of my arms.
A huge step away from my Jeans and Jumpers, with no pockets to hold the kids essentials and definitely not bagging in the slightest I absolutely love this.
It is so comfortable to wear, it doesn’t cut in or restrict at all and it instantly make me smile and happy.  I will be wearing this on as many different occasions as I can.
Priced at £55.  If you are quick and want to grab a bargain then please enter the code MUM20 at checkout to save 20% off your orders (this is for all items in the Amy Child’s collection).
Why not take a look and see what grabs your fancy –

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