Stepping up the fitness regime

As you know in August I will be jumping from a plane in memory of a beautiful angel Matilda Mae who grew her wings far too young at the age of 9 months.
I am fundraising for the +Lullaby Trust  and have a fantastic fundraising competition where you can win 1 of 14 prizes (prizes worth over £828!) You can find the full details of that fundraising giveaway here.
Now I know there isn’t much you can do to train for a skydive however I am on a fitness drive and so have set myself a goal of loosing another stone before August.
I have since January lost a stone and a half on the 5:2 diet but recently I have met a slump.  I appear to have stopped and lost a little enthusiasm.  For 5 weeks now I haven’t lost any weight, infact I’ve put on a pound.  I know it’s not a lot however it is very disheartening.
I have decided that diet alone isn’t working anymore and I need to step up the exercise.
I’ve been trying to remember to wear my Fitbug Orb all the time (usually failing but trying hard to remember).  The Fitbug Orb is a device which can be worn as a watch, attached your person i.e. clipped around a bra strap or popped into your pocket. A small device which tracks your steps and then syncs them either to an iPhone or your computer.
This is the result of wearing it today:


After wearing the Orb for a week (doing only normal activities) it tracks your activity and then sets you a daily target.  Mine has been set at 13,500 steps per day.  As you can see I didn’t manage it today – or I may have done if I had remembered to put it on again after my shower this morning.  I remembered a few hours later.
Today I walked both the School runs as normal and took the children to the park.
This is without calculating the hovering I did today – you are able to add your other activities onto the computer and it will recalculate your steps.  30 minutes of normal hovering actually equates to 3000 steps!  Meaning I did make my target today.
You can also track your calorie intake and add that into your dashboard – I find this a little difficult as I make 95% of my meals from scratch and don’t know the calories in my meals, most of the foods in the list are store brought ones.  I have made the decision not to use this option on mine as I’m not keen on calorie counting all of the time – I have been two days a week however on the other days I don’t want to count I prefer to focus on healthy eating.
ASICS Gel-Cumulus 15 women’s running shoes
I’ve also been working together with who have sent me these lovely running shoes to aid my fitness regime.  Now I’m NO runner, nor will I ever be however these are perfect for walking too, especially with the amount of walking I will be doing in a bit to keep fit.
Last week I topped 7 miles by walking the school run twice, walking to do my grocery shopping and then taking Barney out for a walk.
These trainers are different to any I have worn in the past, usually I go for plain white fashion trainers.  I love these!  They are 100% times more comfortable than my old ones, have a cushioned sole making waking (or running if you wish) easy on my feet. They have 2 layers of memory foam which line the collar and mold to the athletes heel, creating a personal fit.  There is a rear and forfoot gel cushioning system which has made my steps almost bouncy.
These are the most comfortable pair of trainers I have owned and even in this hot weather I have been happy to put them on as the airholes in the top allows airflow meaning my feet haven’t suffered from over heating as they had done in other trainers.  These retail at £79.90.
I’ve also been sent a sports bra which was much needed – extra exercise however gentle is painful when you are big chested! 
Sports Bra
Sorry there is no chance of me appearing in just my bra – well not until I’ve lost that extra stone that is then maybe, you never know!
This sports bra is priced at a very reasonable £9.99 and is not only good for my new exercise regime but will be perfect for the actual skydive itself – at least there will be little chance of giving myself a black eye!
While working with I asked them “if there were any exercise I could do while on my walk to school and out and about with the buggy to help me to lose more weight and to tome up?”
Their reply was
“We think walking is a fantastic way to start getting fitter, increasing the speed and distance will really help – you should aim for 45-60 minutes a day at a brisk pace at least 5 times a week if you’re looking to tone up. You could always try jogging with the pram too. Are there any buggy fit classes in your area? These are a great way to combine childcare with getting fit”
Now there are actually a few buggy fit classes near me however the timings of these don’t fit in with the school runs currently, I have increased my pace though.
With thanks to Fitbug and I am determine that I will have lost another stone by August ready for my skydive.
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Disclaimer:  I received the above items FOC in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. I really want a fitbug orb, and I am in desperate need of a new sports bra, losing weight has left my boobs less large shall we say!! good luck with your dive hun!! x

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