Stressful car journey’s causing road rage – keeping kids amused

Keeping the kids amused on long car journeys is hard sometimes, we’ve all had it that’s for sure – any journey lasting longer than an hour for us can prove to be a nightmare.
The longer the journey the more stressed us parents get – whether as a passenger or as a driver! 
Concentrating on the road needs to be number one however children obviously don’t understand that and still require our attention.
To combat this and to help reduce the stress I pack lots of essentials and things to help entertain the children, such as:
  • Colouring books and crayons (felt pens in the car are a bit NO NO and pencils have a tendency to break easily)
  • A favourite teddy
  • Harry’s dummy
  • Toy cars
  • A doll or two
  • Toy phones – both Emmy and Harry can spend ages talking on their pretend phone
  • A portable DVD player with a few favourite DVD’s – and of course a car charger
  • The kids tablets (Emmy has her Leappad2 and Harry has an Innotab2), these have a few of their favourite shows downloaded onto them, their own music and a few games – we also take their earphones too
  • Spare batteries
  • Drinks in leak proof drinks bottles
  • Snacks (none messy ones – so no chocolate), sandwiches, breadsticks, cut up fruit etc.
  • Music CD’s and Story CD’s
  • Travel potty
  • Extra wet  wipes
  • A few new toys wrapped up as presents – or old ones which haven’t been played with for a while
These are my essentials which see us through any car journey longer than an hour.
The kids toys are placed in a toy box on the middle seat so they can either reach them themselves or I can pass them across when needed.
There have luckily only been a few times when we have been stuck in the car for a lot longer than planned – I won’t lie – it was a nightmare, we do always plan to stop frequently with the children in the car however in a traffic jam on the M25 it’s not always easy sadly – on one occasion we were en-route home from Cornwall from a friends wedding and traffic was horrendous.
Harry was very young at the time and he screamed the place down, he was not happy to be stuck in the car and nothing we did could calm him down, we had nowhere to stop as were in a traffic jam.  Emmy was amazing and watched a DVD through the noise but Harry continued to scream.
When we arrived home, finally, we were all very frazzled, stressed and almost tearful ourselves.
Stressful journey’s are rather hard on everyone. 
I’ve just taken the Road Rage Gauge from Carcraft which asks a series of questions to try to gauge your ‘road rage’ levels – it would appear I am 4% angrier than the average person who took the same test – whoops – I always thought I was a rather calm and carefree driver really – I definitely shouldn’t get Paul to try this then as he get frustrated at the silliest of things and is actually convinced other drivers are on the road just to annoy him sometimes – yes he is an angry person!
You can use this tool too to gauge your level of road rage and you could also win £250 for doing so – so why not have a go yourself?
I would love to hear your tips for keeping the kids amused and stress levels low on long drives.


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7 thoughts on “Stressful car journey’s causing road rage – keeping kids amused

  1. Oh I am definitely a road rager! We have 3 car seats across the back so nowhere to put a box of toys, which is a shame as this would make it a lot easier. Think we might need to get one of those back seat organisers instead.

  2. I hate being stuck in traffic and remember some very stressfull times when the kids were younger. Luckily it does get easier as they get older and more able to cope but you're wise to pack all that stuff for long journies.

  3. I'd be a road rager haha Especially since having Toby I get so mad if people are stupid near me, although now I don't react to it I just simmer inside and think about how I'd love to give them a right talking to for endangering my precious baby!xx

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