Style Me Up! Review

Before I gave up work one of my Nanny jobs was looking after a 4 year old boy and an 8 year old girl, now finding things creative to do with the 4 year old was very easy however once you have an 8 year old it’s a whole new ball game….they aren’t as impressed with Playdoh and painting.

So when I was asked if we wanted to review some Style Me Up products I knew B would be very impressed and jumped at the chance…

When the parcels arrived I knew we would have a fun afternoon together – luckily they arrived just before her brother was due to go to a birthday party so this gave us a great excuse to have some fun girlie time together.

We were sent two products – first up was the Fashion Designer Sketchbook – this contains:

  • 4 stencils and 2 pages of stickers
  • 4 plastic inspiration separators
  • 12 different illustrated pictures
  • 36 drawing pages
  • Coloured instructions

B was keen to get started and having her own unique style already and knowing exactly what she likes (she often changes her outfit about 3-4 times a day) this is her first design:

The second item was Button Weave Jewellery, again B was impressed with this as she could create her own designs and had the freedom to choose the colour options herself.
Inside the box were:
  • 48 assorted buttons
  • Coloured hemp cord
  • Earring Wires
  • A sheet of Rhinestone stickers
  • A coloured instruction booklet
I threw away the earring wires before B could see them as this would have led to even more “I want my ears pierced” discussions, so this was avoided.

I was easy enough to follow the instructions and with this kit you could make a necklace, bracelet and earrings.  We made the Necklace.  Firstly you needed to measure out the cord and fold in half, then thread on the button of your choice into the middle and knot into place, then measure again an know halfway down the cord (see left hand picture) then you choose which buttons you want to create your personalised design – 1 large, 1 small – thread though, knot and repeat.
B found the threading of the buttons difficult as did I at times, so she just chose the colours and I had t thread them on – this may have been easier if a needle or button threader had been included.  It didn’t take very long and we had fun.
Here is B’s finished necklace:
Disclaimer:  We were sent the above items to review however all thoughts are my own and unbiased.

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