Successful shopping in the sales for the kids

I absolutely love the January sales, in fact I love sales in general.  It is VERY rare that I will buy anything which isn’t reduced (except for food but I do even look in the reduced aisle’s whenever I can and stock up the freezer when I find a bargain).
With Emmy’s birthday on 4th February, my Nephew’s, my Dad’s and my Sister-in-Law’s birthdays also in that first week in February I need to get organised, and with Emmy wanting a party this year too I have had to be even more organised than ever.
I always keep back some money in December to use in the sales – my birthday and Christmas money is spent here too and this year I have actually managed to spend a fair bit on myself too which rarely happens, and I have all of Emmy’s presents and some put away for next Christmas or birthdays during the year.
Here are some of my January sale bargains which have arrived so far for the kids:

Little Live Pets Clever Keets Play Set
RRP £59.99 – current sale price £21.50

Kids PJ’s from House of Fraser – I got Harry a Joules Shark Print Onsie RRP £24.94 – current sale price £12.47 and Emmy the Minene Winter PJ’s RRP £18.00 current sale price £12.00

NERF Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster
RRP £29.99 current sale price £14.99 and also the Arrow Refill Pack

for when Emmy can’t find them after the first 5 minutes of play

LeapFrog LeapTV
– this is what I asked Paul’s Dad to get for Emmy for her birthday, thankfully he did when I sent the link over as the price increased again shortly after RRP £99.99, we purchased for £39.99 (currently up in price at £59.99), he also got her 2 games and I got an extra controller
so Harry can play and another 2 games.

Sew your own Rag Doll from ELC RRP £8.00 sale price £3.00

Shirt and Tie for Harry RRP £16.00 sale price £8.00 and printed braces RRP £7.00 sale price £4.00, also vests for both children for £4 for a double pack and packs of 5 socks for £2 each (Harry has 15 new pairs of socks and Emmy 30 – but that is because they also fit me so I doubled up so we could share – well £12 for 30 pairs of socks is a bargain not to be missed) – these are all from John Lewis

I also managed to get Harry the cutest Blazer along with a waistcoat, shirt and Tie set in the Next sale but those are now sold out.

Melissa & Doug Magician Role Play Set
RRP £19.99 sale price £15.99 – Emmy is having a magician for her party next month, luckily for us her Uncle works as a MR Marvel party entertainer so he is doing the party for her, when I asked what she would like to wear, expecting to have to buy a new party dress, she declared she would like to dress as Magic Bobby and I couldn’t resist this dress up outfit.  She has already started practicing her own tricks:

A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Jan 12, 2016 at 8:08am PST

This month I have also purchased party invitations for Emmy’s party and we have got her a TV/DVD  player for her birthday to go into her bedroom which was purchased from Very (sadly not in the sale but with a pay monthly option), we will be putting the games player into her room to play on this.  She won’t be watching loads in her room but will be a nice place for her to escape for some peace and quiet on occasions.

I have also treated myself and the house to some bargains in the sale but I’ll share those in another post at a later date.

Have you been shopping in the sales?  If so what bargains did you get?

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