Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse Review

We have been waiting quite a while to be able to review this item, the typical British weather took hold of us and that makes reviewing a Sunscreen rather difficult.
Sudocrem are well known for their bottom creams and more recently a moisturising cream, now they have brought out a new Sunscreen in time for the Summer – if we get a Summer that is. 
Sudocrem Sunscreen is very easy to use, break the seal, shake the can, turn upside down and dispense a little into your hand.  You only need a little as it moisturises very easily into the skin with a little going a long way. 
Finally this week we had a beautiful weekend weather wise, not only was it warm but it was actually hot so I used the opportunity to try out the mousse.  It is very easy to apply and moisturises into the skin without leaving a greasy residue on Emmy or myself.
The Sunscreen has a SPF 50 and is hypoallergenic, it also does not contain any colourants, perfumes, parabens or preservatives and is additive free. 
It is also offers 4 star UVA protection and is gentle and kind to use for babies and children alike.  It is also more resistant to water and towel-drying than most sunscreens.
I often find applying sunscreen to children difficult as they just won’t sty still long enough for me to rub it in properly, Emmy is often left with white streaks of suncream all over her where I’m unable to pin her down long enough to finish the job.  As this rubs in easily I found it very easy to finish the job and wasn’t embarrassed to let her out as she didn’t look like a snowman.  It is slightly more expensive at £15 than the other brands I have used however it will last much longer as you only need a little and is easier to apply so I would definately switch and used this again.
You can buy the Sunscreen online or in Boots or other independent pharmacies.
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