Sugar comes to play #Review

Have you met our new pet yet?
Emotion Pet, Sugar, Sugar the seal, review,
Meet Sugar the Seal, who has now moved in.
Sugar is an Emotion Pet. She is battery operated and she actually plays with you.
Emmy has become rather attached to her so it’s rather handy that after weeks of play she can be restored with a quick battery change. My kind of pet, no mess, no feeding….well she does eat fish.
Sugar lets you know just how she would like to play.  She blinks her eyes and moves her tail and flippers.
You can feed her the fish biscuit and she munches away, she cries for cuddles, follows you to play and when left alone she cries or goes to sleep.
Ok yes that may sound annoying but I promise its actually very cute and does turn herself off when not being played with.
Emotion Pet, Sugar, Sugar the Seal, Review,
These would make great Christmas presents for anyone demanding a let this year.
Emmy loves her new best friend although has been getting frustrated with him as she really likes to feed him the fish however the random play feature means he doesn’t do the same thing every time.
Priced at £59.99 they are on the pricey side but would make a great main Christmas present for any pre-schooler.

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