Garden fun this summer with kids – guest post from Steph

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far, we certainly are – the kids are having a blast, they have built sand castles, paddled in the sea, stayed up late and eaten far too many ice-creams but that’s what summer holidays are for isn’t it?
Today we have a lovely guest post from Steph who blogs over at Mental Parentals.  Steph is a 20 something full time working Mum who is currently on Maternity leave after having her youngest son who his around 20 weeks old, she is also Mummy to a 4 year old son. Pop on over to follow family life with Steph and her boys and you can also follow her breast feeding journey currently.
I now hand you over to Steph who is sharing her 4 Tips for Summer Fun in the Garden with Children.

“This is our first year of “summer holidays” and my maternity leave has been
timed quite nicely to tie in O’s first long school break. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been dreading (a bit) a whole 6 weeks with both kids to entertain so I’ve been thinking about cheap but fun things to do in the garden. It can end up costing a small fortune on day trips out and activity camps to prevent the onset of boredom! Here are just a handful of ideas to occupy your children in the garden this summer:

Make Your Own Sprinkler!

Have you got an empty plastic bottle? Hold off on putting it in the recycling bin! Make sure it’s clean and use a drill to make small holes in the sides of the bottle. Then tape the end of a hosepipe to the bottleneck using a strong hardware tape. Turn on the tap and water will squirt out of the holes in the bottle when it becomes full. Perfect to keep the kids cool on warmer days – and so much fun!


Homemade Obstacle Course


Encourage your children to set and beat their own record time whilst completing
a homemade obstacle course! Create obstacles by laying down a blanket forthem to crawl under, marking a spot to do ten star jumps and using an old cardboard box to jump over. The whole family can help to gather items, set up the obstacles and participate in a bit of healthy, family-friendly competition.
Water Painting

Children love to get creative with paints – but aren’t often so keen on cleaning up
afterwards! Instead, let their creativity run wild with a paintbrush and a jar of water on the garden path. They can even paint the garden wall or fence with the only ‘mess’ being a little spilled water.
Painting and Planting Flower Pots

If you don’t mind a little mess, let their creative juices flow with colour by
encouraging them to decorate their very own flowerpot! Use paints and glitter (if you’re feeling really brave!) to personalise their pot and coat with a specialist lacquer to prevent the design from weathering. Once it’s dry, teach the kids how to plant some pretty flowers inside and they’ll be so happy to have made a beautiful contribution to the family garden.

There are any number of activities for children to do indoors but there’s nothing quite like spending time outside in the garden, improving their social andindependence skills. I think what’s most important to bear in mind is that keeping children entertained over the school break is not for the faint-hearted –and if you get through it in one piece, you’re a bit of a legend. Wish me luck!”

I am sure you will have a wonderfully fun filled Summer Steph, you’ve certainly some lovely ideas and plans in place to get you started.  We love planting our own fruits and vegetables in the garden and you can never go wrong with an obstacle course.
If you have enjoyed Steph’s post then you can also find her over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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