Summer is SUCH hard work for a fair skinned red head!

I really DON’T do well in the heat – I’m fair skinned and a red head and we do not mix with the sun very well.

Old family pics, red heads
Me around 3.5/4 years (similar age to Emmy) with my Parents and Brother

The fan is on in my house continuously

I’m sweating still

Sleep escapes me in this weather

Sun cream needs applying 4 + times a day, I use the kids factor 50+

I barely eat when it’s this hot – probably not a bad thing to be honest as I’ve 2 stone still to lose

If I could live in an air conditioned house I probably would

I struggle with what to wear in this weather – linen trousers are my staple or summer dresses

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been sunburnt even when applying copious amounts of suncream


I WILL not complain

This is England and we hardly ever get weather like this

I may be uncomfortable but I WILL enjoy every single minute of it as Summer will be over again soon

How do you stay cool  in this heat?

3 thoughts on “Summer is SUCH hard work for a fair skinned red head!

  1. My little man has "special red hair" but he's a complete star about having his SPF 50 on and wearing a hat. He was a bit rashy at the start of summer but we seem to have sorted that now and he's coping well.
    His little sister is fair haired too and just gets in a little sweaty mess but doesn't seem to be too bothered in fairness! x

  2. Sounds a lot like us, charlie burns very easily. I have been jumping in their swimming pool but once they are in bed, only thing is the water is freezing by then so it really does cool you down

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