Summer means Slushie fun – Review

A While ago at the Christmas in July event I came across the ChillFactor squeezy cup slushy maker, basically this is a cup which you put in the freezer and allows you to make your own slush drinks from the comfort of your home.

ChillFactor, Squeezy cup slushy maker, review,

Now considering the rather hot weather we were having at the time I jumped at the chance to try this at home and wasted no time when it arrived.

To start you take off the lid and remove the straw and put the cup into the freezer – they instructions say to stand it up however my freezer isn’t big enough so I laid it down.  You need to leave it for 4-6 hours for it to freeze enough to use, I left it over night.

ChillFactor, Squeezy cup slushy maker, review,

The next afternoon after a play in the garden Emmy asked for Pineapple juice – her favourite drink.  We decided to use this cup for her drink.

You pour the liquid into the cup stopping before the brim, add the lid back on and squeeze the sides, by squashing the sides you release the ice and it mixed with you drink to make a perfect slushie at home.

Emmy loves the novelty of this cup however doesn’t understand that the cup needs to be refrozen again after use so gets cross that she can’t have another straight away.

I like the fact that this is mess free so she can drink in while out and about – well mess free until it melts anyway!

Now when Emmy has gone to bed I have enjoyed testing this out for myself and I have to report that it works well with Bailey’s and with wine – although be careful as it is easy to put too much wine or Bailey’s into it and you end up a little drunk!

ChillFactor, Squeezy cup slushy maker, review,

These are priced at £12.99 and available from

Disclaimer: We received this FOC for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own unbiased.

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