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The summer holidays are the perfect time to get out and about with the kids, we are actually quite an active family on the whole and walk to and from school every day rain or shine, for us it’s only a 20 minute walk so it really does seem pointless jumping in the car as that actually takes longer by the time I’ve loaded the kids into it, found somewhere to park and then got everything and everyone out again.

We actually tested this a little while ago as parents were in school listening to the children read, on a Monday I pick up Emmy’s friend and take them to their swimming lessons giving them some dinner first, as Emmy’s friends Mum was also at the school she came back to our house driving with Harry and her son while I walked the girls home – we beat them home, even having time to stop in the shop for bread and then managed to make beans on toast before the others arrived.

For the school run the kids walk or they take their scooters.

We take them for bike rides at the weekends, long walks and they are always climbing trees, in the park and having some sort of outdoors fun.

Recently, Sun-Pat sent the kids a lovely outdoors games kit consisting of a cricket set, football and skipping rope all kept together nicely in a handy bag. Sun-Pat know that is can sometimes be hard to find inspiration on what to do outside with young children without then becoming bored with the same things all the time.

I am very happy to be supporting the Fuelling Families giveaway by Sun-Pat where they are giving away these kits to families as well as having launched an activity guide with 42 cheap or free activities for children over the summer.

We took our kit away camping with us this weekend and the kids had great fun – OK they certainly don’t have the hang of cricket yet…and I’m not sure they will for a while but they had great fun trying, running around and generally just having lots of outdoors fun.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these sports kits then please do head over to Sun-Pat on Facebook to enter there or click the ‘enter now’ tab on their website.

We have printed off some of the activity ideas from the website and the kids are having great fun using the tick boxes to mark off which we have completed….of course they are trying to complete all 42 – but with the amount of energy they have I’m sure it won’t be hard.

The kids will also be fishing a lot for the rest of the holidays, something they have always loved but on our camping trip they rekindled this love of. They are actually heading off again with Grandad on Sunday.

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