Sunshine Buggy Hooks – A must have for every buggy

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve popped to the shops for bread and milk only to forget myself and over-fill a basket with essentials – only to then remember that I left the car at home and walked with the buggy. We have all done it! I’m sure you have tried to squeeze the shopping into the basket under your child too, now it doesn’t matter how big your basket is – the shopping just won’t fit and your bread has been squashed and eggs broken.

Sunshinekids buggy hooks are ‘S’ shaped hooks which fit easily over the handle of the buggy, the largest part goes over the buggy handle and the smaller part can be rotated 360 degrees to carry your shopping bags meaning you can angle them out of your way so the bags will not get in the way of walking.

They come in a pack of 2 and at £4.50 a must have essential item for everyone. I have brought many accessories for my buggy but this I have already used the most. They can be kept on the buggy and are small enough not to get in the way when folding the buggy away to pack into the car, alternatively they fold into themselves and can be kept in your bag. Each hook can carry up to 3kg in weight and I have easily carried home all my extra shopping and could probably carry more on them.

I have also found they fit well onto the handle of my daughter’s smart trike meaning we can now take that to the shops and not worry about where to put any shopping bags, or you can hook them around the headrest in the car to prevent bottles and delicate items from rolling around the boot.

Great item 10/10!!

For more information on this or to browse the entire range of Sunshine Kids products please visit their website

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