SuperZings Series 2 – Rivals of Kaboom Review

Blind bags….they are almost like a drug to young kids, usually found by the tills in a supermarket or corner shop and as appealing as the chocolate, possibly provoking as many meltdowns as chocolates only these ones are actually rather sweet and at pocket money prices picking up one or two every now and then really won’t break the bank.

The lure of not knowing what you’ll get inside is the most exciting thing to the kids, and mine really don’t mind if they get duplicates which is rather handy as it always happens when you have to collect a set and you can’t see inside the bags.

SuperZings  are one of the latest obsessions for my kids, so you can imagine just how excited they were to receive a bundle in the post. They received 10 SuperZings blind bags  (RRP 80p), 5 Hideout blind packets (RRP £1.50) these contain one hideout and a figure inside, 3 Superjet blind packets (£2.50) these contain a vehicle and a figure, a starter pack (RRP £5) this contains a SuperZings comic, 3 SuperZings and a vehicle, and lastly a blister pack (RRP £7) which contains 2 hideouts, a SuperZings Superblaster and 4 SuperZings including one rare silver in each pack.

SuperZings are mini superheroes and villains who live in the city of Kaboom. They have rival gangs, each with their own leader and there are vehicles and hideouts to collect.  Each pack or blind bag contains a character checklist so you can tick off the ones you’ve collected so far.

There are  80 new multi-coloured characters to collect, each with a matching rival. There is an ultra rare character to collect, plus two gold, six silver and 24 SuperCrystal characters.  This consists of 6 gangs to collect, each with 6 gang members and one rare silver captain.  There are also 2 super leaders to try to find – these leaders are gold and are super rare (we are still on the hunt for those) and an ultra-rare one lurking the shop stores somewhere – the kids are desperate to find this or the gold ones!

As with most collectables these days there are the most common ones which you’ll find yourselves getting a couple of over the time you try to collect them all and rare ones  (the silver ones), however, as they are so reasonably priced you could play swaps in school with friends to help complete your collections.

The hideouts can be stacked on top of each other and feature a revolving door to hide away the gang member and the vehicles are really very cute indeed coming in different types of vehicles from boats, cars and flying ones. There are different colour variations of each to collect and the SuperBlaster actually shoots out little discs – but be warned these are very small indeed and Harry lost his on the first play. The kids really love the vehicles and spend ages choosing which character will ride in it and race each other across the floor.

The comic book is actually very well designed and thought out as has a big character list making it far easier for the children to use to identify their heroes or villains, it also has a story which introduces the character to the kids.

We did get a couple of duplicates in our collection but the kids really don’t mind and they really loved trying to identify which items the characters were designed as – some are foods and others household items

For further information checkout the SuperZings website. 

Disclaimer: We received these items in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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