Sustainable Living in the South: Five Ways to Go Greener

If you happen to live in the Southern region of the United States, then consider yourself lucky to be living in an area rich in warm climates and easy living. One thing’s for sure, the South remains an ideal place to retire.


Be that as it may, southern states aren’t the greenest cities to live in, but they hold promise. In fact, some cities like Charleston, SC and Key West, FL are lauded as two of the country’s greenest places for their commitment towards reducing waste.

For all the bad reputation it has as a place where climate change denial is credible, the South can still be a great place where eco-friendly initiatives can still take root. If you’re planning on buying Alabama or Georgia real estate and want to pursue a sustainable lifestyle, here are the five ways you can get started.

  1. Buy second-hand items and antiques

The South is rich in craft movements, not the least of which to mention the craft in furniture making. You can find amazing used furniture from different eras that are just as durable as newer and more modern types.

No matter which city you stay in, expect to find an old town area where antiques are being sold. Not only will you save a ton of money from your furniture budget, but you’ll also be leading an active eco-friendly lifestyle that’s anchored in sustainability and reduced waste.

  1. Cool your home using less air conditioning

If you’re staying in the southernmost tip of the Florida peninsula, expect temperate weather all year round. Also, temperatures will reach searing extremes during the peak of summer, which is all the more reason to turn the air conditioning to the maximum.

To cut energy consumption and power costs significantly, you can try insulating your attic to prevent hot air from entering the interior of your home. You may also repaint your roof with a lighter shade to reduce the absorption of heat as in the case of darker shades.

Another practical trick is to ventilate during the night instead of the day when heat easily gets trapped inside.

  1. Install solar panels

Solar energy continues to be one of the best ways for leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle. With solar panels, you basically have an alternative source of power that can run most things around your home. What’s more, it allows you to store a sufficient power supply that might come in handy during blackouts.

Though installing solar panels may seem like a costly investment, the long-term benefits it can provide are already enough compensation.

  1. Simplify your lifestyle

The South is relatively well-known for the simple, less-hurried way that most people prefer to live. That being said, it won’t be difficult for you to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle through simple living.

Being frugal is relatively useful in this part of the country, so as much as possible, keep your purchases in check. When you go out shopping for groceries, buy only what you need and make sure you have just about enough for a week’s worth of consumption. That way, you will be able to lead a zero waste lifestyle.

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