Why you should swap your shower curtain for a shower screen.

Not everyone has the luxury of both a free-standing bath and a shower unit. So, it’s pretty common for most household bathrooms to have a shower unit over the bath. But what about stopping the water from your lovely hot shower cascading onto the lovely tiled floor? In most cases a shower curtain is in place, but have you thought about upgrading your tired and soggy curtain for a shower screen?

Here we look at some of the benefits of upgrading to a shower screen.

It looks more attractive

Sometimes a simple reason is often the best. A shower screen is sleek, classic and tasteful and offers the considerable appearance of space. Frameless shower screens give the illusion that your bathroom looks and feels bigger than it really is, and allows natural light to flow through the room. You can find a good selection of shower screens at a company such as Better Bathrooms.

It’s much easier to clean

When you have a shower curtain, you’re often alerted to how dirty it really is by an unpleasant odour…but with a shower screen, you can simply see when it’s time to give the screen a clean.
With the absence of any metal edges or frames, a frameless shower screen is extremely simple. There are no nooks and dead areas for mould and soap scum to build-up. The panel of glass is easily cleaned with a squeegee, and negates the need for any washing, washing powders or re-hanging.


A glass shower screen often lasts a lifetime. Modern technology dictates that glass panels are made with precision today and are created to be durable, long-lasting and be used on a daily basis.

Flexible in Design

With a shower screen, you’re not limited to just one simple design. You can still choose from a range of glass colours (achieved by tinting), from frosted glass, or from glass that is etched to any design that you want.  Screens are available in a range of colours, allowing you to easily colour match with the rest of your bathroom.

Another design feature that is very beneficial is the fact that you can actually configure the door itself to open in different ways. That means that you can open it to the left or right, have it pivot on its hinge, or even have a sliding door if you are short on space.  You also have the option of including a magnetic closure for a more secure closing and improved water resistance.  Finally, you can choose from a range of door handles and other fixings to suit you and your family.

No cold surprises!

It’s happened to all of us at some point! You’re enjoying a nice hot shower when the unthinkable happens. A freezing cold shower curtain sticks to you! A horrid experience that goes without saying – but with a shower screen, any freezing cold wake-up calls during your morning shower are a thing of the past.

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4 thoughts on “Why you should swap your shower curtain for a shower screen.

  1. Your post is great and your tips are very helpful. I have benefitted. I liked the total bathroom system. Especially can open the door in different ways, I can do the same way as I want it’s really I am very impressed! a shower panel is an essential appliance for the bathroom.
    Thanks for sharing the great post!

  2. This is really amazing post. It’s a very great idea. Your idea can make a beautiful bathroom. Thank you for share such a helpful information. Bathroom view can change a shower. Shower is very essential for a bathroom.

  3. It’s really an easy solution for those are looking for upgrading their existing bathroom. The wet and soggy shower curtain can ruin your bathroom’s beauty where a shower screen can change the total view. I must agree with your opinion and hopefully all other readers will be…:)

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