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Stage 4 swimming certificate

It’s been quite a while since I wrote an update on how the children are getting on in their swimming lessons, at this age the progression through classes seems to be a little slower and they are still both very much water babies.

I was beginning to think Emmy would be a Green hat, stage 4 forever as it seems she wasn’t making much progress when I was checking online at her lessons – the pool use iPads to keep track of the kids stages and tick off boxes when they pass that stage, this means it’s easy for us parents to log in and track the progression – for quite sometime Emmy wasn’t gaining any ticks at all for weeks at a time and it was becoming very upsetting for her.

To help with this I began taking them on a Sunday for family swim time, this is when they get the floats out and you can play around. I made sure to get there 45 minutes before the fun sessions began so they both had time to practice their strokes before the pool became busy and then they could have a play in the pool as a reward for practicing so hard.

We did this for at least 5 weeks in a row, then I went to have a chat with Emmy’s teacher to find out why she wasn’t progressing with each lesson. She said she just had to get a little faster and practice her butterfly, so that’s what we worked on the following Sunday and when her lesson came the next day she ended it beaming with the much longed for sip of paper which said he was moving up into Blue hats and onto stage 5.

She was over the moon and couldn’t wait to don her Blue hat, and was even more exciting when a new costume was sent to her from SimplySwim – a lovely festive costume with Penguins all over it. She absolutely loved the cute penguins wearing Santa hats and I loved the fact I could watch the right child in the swimming pool as every-time I have changed her costume the other 2 girls have them turned up with similar styles or colours, it makes it very had to tell who you are watching and clapping for from the other side of the pool when they all wear similar colours and all have pink goggles and blue swimming hats on – there are times I’ve spent the entire lesson watching the wrong child.

Please tell me I’m not alone in doing this?

She is finding it a lot harder now she’s moved to stage 5 and I am definitely hearing a lot more “I don’t want to go swimming anymore” before of this. I am happy to take her lead a little in how long she would like to continue for as she (and Harry) has been having lessons since 9 months old, and we took then weekly prior to that age. I would however like her to at least pass the next stage and gain her lifesaving skills before she stops.

Harry is in Yellow hats which is stage 3. He swims at the same time as Emmy in the big pool which now makes life easier as it was rather impossible to watch them both when in separate pools.

He is a very confident swimmer and wasn’t at all fazed by heading into the big pool for lessons, even though he can’t touch the floor and his teacher now stands at the side of the pool instead of getting in with him.

As always he took it in his stride, taking the opportunity to show the new teacher his jumps and cannon balls, resulting in a little time out for not listening. This is a little bit of a theme with Harry’s swimming lessons – he love it so much that he forgets to listen to the next instruction and carries on with what they did on the last length.

He became very upset a few weeks ago as his friend moved up to stage 4, I had to explain to him that his friend had been a yellow hat for a lot longer than he had and he needed a good few more lessons before he moved up, and that he had to listen to instructions instead of chatting and showing off.

He actually seemed to listen this time and he is listening to his teacher and making sure he has grasped the instructions before flinging himself into the pool currently.

Looking at his online records he is actually just over 70% of the way through this stage and progressing very quickly indeed – at this rate he will pass Emmy before long.

Changing after swimming has been made easier thanks to this hooded towelling robe he was sent from Dabble, Harry wears the Junior size which fits from around 6-8 years of age.

Made from a towelling material it is easy to slip on after swimming and head straight to the changing rooms, by the time we’ve grabbed his clothes from the lockers his body and arms are almost dry cutting back the amount of time I have to spend in the boiling and crowded changing rooms.

The A-line style means its not too fitted so you are able to walk around in it and it is long enough to cover you up so can be worn poolside when waiting around for lessons or even on the beach. There are deep pockets for keeping goggle and locker keys safe or jut for keeping your hands warm, the chucky style zip is a good size for not only small hands but for wet ones too, and with a contrasting trim in an array of colours available this our new favourite way to get dried after lesson – if only then had one in Emmy’s size too!

I plan to continue our Sunday swimming sessions again very soon and I don’t think it will be very long before Harry is moving up another swimming stage.


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