Swimming Lessons – from Angel to Devil and back again.

I have been really good with taking Emmy swimming, she went with Paul and I for the first time when she was about 10 weeks old – gone are the days when you need to wait until all the injections are out of the way so I thought best to get her used to it early.

Having been a Nanny for 14 years I have taken most of the children in my care to their swimming lessons so have picked up all of the songs, rhymes and necessary skills to actually avoid paying for lessons and just teach her myself.

This has paid off and Emmy loves swimming, has no fear of water and even tolerates going under water.

She can and happily dunks herself under to get the swimming toys I have brought her if we are playing on the steps in the shallow water, she has started to prefer goggles recently but only because she has seen other children wearing them.  She has armbands which I use with her sometimes just to show her that Mummy can let go and teach her not to panic and I also brought her a swimming woggle which she can use happily.

Water Baby, Babies 1st swim, www.emmysmummy.com, babies swimming
(My little water baby, ready for her 1st ever swim)

Since being pregnant I seem to be so tired that I ‘forget’ about taking her swimming at the weekends or on my days off or find excuses not to do it, and I’ve been feeling really guilty about this recently so I bit the bullet and signed her up to swimming lessons at our local gym.  My thoughts being if I have paid for her lessons in advance then she will NOT miss then and I will stop making excuses.  It actually works out the same price as me taking her on my own as it does for lessons however the 12 weeks are paid in advance – so that’s £61.20 spent, which WILL NOT be wasted!!

Last Tuesday saw our first lesson.  Mummy and a very excited Emmy hit the pool changing rooms, got changed and waited for our lesson.  Still excited this all looked like it was to be a success….In we got with the other 5 parents and children, all good so far.  Emmy does really well – loves the warm up songs, shows off her skills in the pool kicking her legs and windmilling her arms as instructed, blows bubbles and soon catches the teachers attention who thinks she is great, confident and so far a star pupil – cue proud Mummy moment.

This is going great…. Mummy is happy, Emmy is happy, everyone is commenting on how well she is doing for her first lesson, then they have to flip onto their backs with the woggle….yes great, Emmy does this once happily but having to do it again – NO THANK YOU she decides!!

Cue screaming, hitting Mummy, crying, you name it.  Getting louder and louder, Mummy getting redder and redder and wanting the pool to swallow her up.  This continued for the rest of the lesson even when they were allowed to jump in (which is what sparked the tantrum off as she wanted to jump in).  Still it was her first structured lesson I guess and I’ve seen worse, but I decided then that swimming lessons would be Daddy’s thing!!

Daddy rarely takes her swimming, I can count on two hands the times he has Tuesday’s swimming lessons should be Daddy/Daughter time.  He was more than happy with this and had suggested it before her 1st lesson but Mummy thought she wanted to do it – on hindsight at 25 weeks pregnant it would be best for Daddy.

Today was her second lesson and as hoped she was perfectly behaved for Daddy.  Now I don’t mind one bit as I have a theory – she behaved as it’s a novelty Daddy taking her.  When I take her she and I have fun – she enjoys it but knows what Mummy will let her do, she doesn’t with Daddy so therefore has to listen to him and the teacher as she is a little unsure if Daddy will catch her like Mummy etc…

I’m hoping next week will be as successful as Daddy and Emmy both enjoyed it lots – Daddy especially as Emmy became the teachers pet again today getting lots of praise for doing everything perfectly.  So that is the start of a new Daddy/Daughter special time in our household, and hopefully means I get an hour to myself too.

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