Syner-Med Non Contact Thermometer Review

While at the Baby Show recently Paul was asked a question while we were browsing a stall selling a New type of thermometer.  The Question was “How do you take your Child’s temperature?”.  Paul’s answer was a typical Paul answer – “I don’t know you will have to ask my wife”.

While chatting with Martin from Syner-Med Direct we discussed my home thermometer – the same one many of my Mummy friends all have and the doctors and hospitals use too, the in-ear type.  He then asked me how often I change or replace the ear probe covers – this actually made me stop and think and the answer I gave shocked me – Never!  I have a cover for Emmy, one for Paul and another for Me but that’s as far as I go to changing them.  I actually at that point realised that I should change them each time they are used.

Martin then showed me the New type of Thermometer which will eventually be replacing all of the NHS in-ear style thermometers. 

This is a Syner-Med VeraTemp non-contact thermometer which not only takes Body temperatures but Surface and Room temperature too. 

We have been sent one of these to try out and play with.  Emmy being a typical toddler has been rather unwell over the past few weeks giving me a good chance to test it to the full.  I have to say it is so easy to use and figure out that I didn’t even get the instructions out of the packet.
To take a body temperature you press the scan button, hold 5-8 Cm’s from the forehead and press scan.  The temperature is then displayed on the screen with very useful colour guide which easily helps to identify if your child has a temperature or not.  You can then decide on a course of action quicker.  You can chose between Celcius or Fahrenheit.  I have in the past struggled to decide if Emmy actually has a temperature or is just warm.   Yes I have a first aid certificate and have been a Nanny however when in the middle of the night your child is poorly then you do start to question yourself – I do!  The Vera-Temp works by using advanced infrared technology.
The colour screen changes to Green, Orange & Red to show normal, slightly high and very high temperatures:

Green – Between 36.3ºC to 37.3ºC (97.3ºF and 99.1ºF)

Orange Between 37.4ºC to 37.9ºC (99.3ºF and 100.2ºF)
Red – Greater than 38ºC (100.4ºF)

LO/HI – Temperature is out of range

The benefits to this type of thermometer are: No on-going costs such as extra probe covers, reduced risk of cross-infection, accurate readings in less than a second, non-invasive non-contact, wipe clean hygienic design and also has an automatic off mode to prolong the battery life. 

This thermometer saves up to 32 temperature readings into memory making it easy to keep track of a child/adults temperature over a period of time – a good way to show a doctor what the temperature has actually been doing.

I found this thermometer much easier to use than the in-ear ones as it fits easily into one hand and you can press the buttons with the same hand a bit like a TV remote, no waiting for the beep to say the machine is ready; it is very easy to see and extremely easy to use.

While I have never tested Emmy’s food temperature with a thermometer before I have found myself doing so now as I’m loving this new gadget.  You can use this to take the temperatures of: People, Rooms, Food, Baby Food, Baby Milk, Bath Water and more.  It really is versitile, just by pressing the Mode button you can switch between Body, Room or Surface temp modes. There is no digital thermometer on the UK market that is more accurate than the Syner-Med retail thermometer @ + or – 0.2 degrees for forehead temperature measurement.

This would make a great gift to any expectant mum, new parent or even just like me to replace an old thermomether.  I find myself reaching for this far more than I did with my old style one.

There are 2 models on their website – the professional one is sold within hospitals and to professionals only and comes with a rubber case and a lanyard but is a different price due to insurances and support costs.

These will be available from all major retailers in 2012.  Until then you can purchase direct from their website for £36.95 + £4.95 P&P however for Emmys Mummy readers Syner-Med will extend their Baby Show discount so you can all recieve a 5% discount when quoting “Babyshow11”.

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