Back to School Settling In – or NOT Settling In

The first few days of a new school year are always hard for the kids, they’ve had 7 weeks away from the school structure and routine. Time doing what they want and when, to an extent, later bedtimes, no homework and of course they haven’t seen most of their friends over that time. If thatRead more

Money saving on back to school items + downloadable checklist

September is creeping around quickly and if you haven’t started the back to school shopping yet, then don’t worry you certainly aren’t alone. Many of us parents leave it until 2 weeks before heading back to school until we even think about what is needed for the new school year. My reasons for doing thisRead more

Putting Start-rite shoes through a proper test on the climbing wall

There has been SO much uproar recently over kids school shoes, namely girls ones not being up to the job and inappropriately named that I thought I would set about this review of the kids new Start-rite school shoes with a different approach. It’s been said that many girls shoe designs are flimsy and notRead more

Back to school with Jake Shoes

It’s that time when all parents look at the calendar and thing – it’s OK we still have a few weeks until the kids go back to school, and I admit I am one of those parents. However, there are lots of us with the same thoughts and once the final panic sets in weRead more

Initial thoughts on back to school – musings from parents in the first few weeks

My children have now been back to school for 2 weeks and already the tiredness is kicking in. That’s mainly because our routine went out of the window for the summer holidays and they had many late nights. During the first few days of the children going back to school, my social media timelines wereRead more

Super Hero lunchbox ideas for back to school

healthy lunch box ideas

Emmy went back to school yesterday and Harry is all set to return on Wednesday so the morning chaos will begin again shortly. Today went hitch free as being the first day back I’m in that super organised gang of getting everything ready the night before and laying out ready to grab – it also meansRead more

Feeling organised for a change – getting back to school ready

Every year since Emmy started School I have celebrated the start of the Summer holidays with vigour that we have a whole 6 weeks off and plenty of time to do everything.  Of course the time passes far too quickly for all of our liking – even with the “I’m bored” from the kids orRead more

Labelling the uniform with Stamptastic

  I have to admit, I am one of the least organised people I know.  It actually only occurred to me tonight that with this horrid weather we have been having that Emmy may need to go back to School in a Winter uniform – now I do know her old Winter one doesn’t fit, cue madRead more

Giveaway: Back to School – Collins4Parents

    I’m pretty sure many of you are just like me and want their children to have a head start when it comes to School.  Emmy is about to head into year 1 when she returns in September and Harry will continue to attend Pre-School until next year.   Having been a Nanny previouslyRead more