Abseil for Breast Cancer Care

The day arrived, I’ve blogged about it a few times in the lead up to the actual event – just to remind you Paul originally was doing the abseil alone however bad weather stopped play and the event was called off, typical British weather!  Pouring with rain in July.  I then decided that if IRead more

Excercise after Breast Surgery

As you know Breast Cancer is close to my heart at the moment, I will not mention names as I don’t feel that is right however it is something as a family we are focused on and would like to raise awareness of. On the 8th August the BBC ran a story which states thatRead more

New date for sponsered abseil

The revised date for this abseil has been announced and will be 1st October 2011. I have set this date aside in my diary, and am gearing myself up ready however I still do not have 100 Facebook ‘likes’ yet!! So unless 28 more people head over to my page I can still chicken out!!Read more

Bad weather stops play – sponsered abseil

The weather has been quite nice all week, we have been in the garden lots and Emmy and I were even cutting the grass at 6pm last night before having a waterfight then bath time. Why does it alway happen when you make plans to be outside that it rains? Just as when I goRead more