BML16: A reflection back over the past years

Well that’s it for yet another year, the excited build up gone and the post BML drag begins again – or does it? It was my 4th year in attendance and each year it seems to change, sometimes little aspects such as where the drinks reception is hosted, a change of sponsored or like thisRead more

Introducing my Britmums Live 2016 Sponsor

The bloggers out there will know what I’m talking about and what Britmums Live is, but for those of you not in the blogging circles it may mean nothing to you at all. Britmums Live is an annual blogging conference held in London in June each year, hosted of course by Britmums. I have attended this conference forRead more

I came, I saw, I conquered! Britmums 2014

You will have noticed I’ve been little quiet, me quiet?  I know it’s unusual.   Now there is a reason for that.   I’ve been away at a 2 day conference, Britmums live 2014 was last weekend and for a second year running I was there.   I go to these events with no pre-expectation’s andRead more

I’m going to Britmums Live – Introducing my Sponsor

It’s almost time again – time for an event I have been looking forward to ever since last years Britmums live ended.   Britmums Live is a 2 day conference where likeminded bloggers all come together in one place to mingle, chatter, learn, develop and much more.    Last year I had a ball!  ItRead more

Meet my BritMums Live sponsor….

Have I told you yet I will be attending BritMums live this year? Well I am and I’m very excited. This will be my second blogging conference and having overcome my first event nerves I now can’t wait. What is BritMums Live? The UK’s biggest, 2 day social media conference and blogger event.  A placeRead more

This Mummy would like to mingle/learn at BritMums live – Sponsor needed

I am currently looking for a lovely company to sponsor me to attend BritMums Live 2012, this is a 2 day London based event on 22-23rd June. There will be a little mingling involved however this event is aimed to help Bloggers to improve and move forward and I would love YOU to be involved too.Read more