My Friend Rainbow Girl by Emily aged 7

Emmy absolutely loves writing, she gets through reams and reams of paper making up her own stories and if she isn’t writing stories she is writing lists to leave all over the house. When Center Parcs got in touch with us last year asking us to team up on a story writing campaign I justRead more

Autumn Poem

  Autumn leaves are falling now Under branches, onto the ground Tumbling, falling Under foot Muddling along Never wanting to stop   Loving all the Autumn leaves Emmy wants to climb some trees Always looking for new ways to play Vigorously running and jumping about Endlessly happy and smiling too Spending our time outside, wouldn’t you?  Read more

Our entry to join the Center Parcs Family 2013/14

I’ve been really excited to enter this competition, I won’t lie to you –  I want to win! There I’ve said it, I probably shouldn’t have but now it’s out there I will tell you why, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time many years ago, a young Nanny was working forRead more