Tiger Rock and The Land of the Tiger – Chessington World of Adventures

If you follow us on social media you will have noticed that we were guests of Chessington last weekend, invited along for the press opening of Tiger Rock, Chessington’s revamped and hugely made-over water ride (formerly Dragon Falls) which is set within the multi-million pound Land of the Tiger, a new addition to the parkRead more

A fun filled day at Chessington while potty training

Towards the end of the Summer holidays I planned a fun filled day out with my best friend, her husband and their children, along with Emmy and Harry – we decided to wait until the beginning of September when some of the local Schools had already returned, obviously the thinking was that it would beRead more

Chessington part 2: A Day with Penguins

I recently told you about our wonderful evening spent with DreamWorks Animation’s PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR at Chessington for the movie screening,  well we were lucky enough to stay overnight in the amazing new Azteca Hotel.   The children haven’t stayed in a hotel attached to a theme park before so the excitement was immense,  from ourRead more

Review: Penguins of Madagascar DVD

The weekend before last we picked Emmy up from school and headed off on a very special adventure, one which we were all very excited about and something which the children (and us) were very thrilled to be attending.  We were heading off to a very special screening of the DreamWorks Animation’s PENGUINS OF MADAGASCARRead more