Internet safety and our children

Although my children are only 6 & 3 years of age a lot of modern day life is spent online, we have cancelled our Sky TV package and now only watch YouTube and Netflix.  Emmy can navigate these herself and while she only watches shows she likes and is allowed it is only a matterRead more

Thinking ahead and teaching children the value of money

When you are younger money is a magic thing, you want something so you ask your parents for it (Emmy is a prime example, pausing the TV adverts to show me another must have item to add to her very fast growing list), your parents then either say NO, buy it for you, add itRead more

My top tips for keeping kids entertained on train journeys

You will have seen from many of my posts we head off on adventures a lot on the train.  It’s so accessible for us that it is a very easy option.   Train travel is usually so easy for us that it’s become second nature my only worry is the buggy and stairs if IRead more