Elf of the Shelf preparation – 24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the shelf ideas

Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit in our house, the tree is up – I know, it’s a little early but we are busy every weekend up until Christmas so it was last weekend or never. Many of the presents are wrapped and the Christmas festivities are booked up now, a theatre trip, iceRead more

Reroute Santa – Let the big man know where to deliver the gifts

With only a few days to go until the big day now, the children are getting very excited – all my gifts are wrapped and any I haven’t purchased now will have to wait as I refuse to visit the shops at this time of year, especially as the kids break up from school tomorrow.Read more

Where on earth do I put the Christmas tree?

Now that’s not a question I ever thought I’d find myself asking and it may sound daft to some especially if you’ve seen the size of my house. I’m really lucky that I moved into a large 4 bedroom house before Paul and I were married, it was actually his parents house and their buyerRead more

Christmas table settings on a budget

It’s almost upon us now, we have been counting down to the big day, the presents chosen and the organised among you may have even wrapped them already – I wrapped 6 today so I am counting that as a win and being organised!   You’ll know where you will be spending Christmas day –Read more

Our Christmas preparations

We are now well into the second week of December – how on earth did that happen?  and there are very few shopping days left to get the final gifts – I know some of you haven’t started yet so I’m not panicking you – there is still time even for online ordering, I justRead more

It’s a Stamptastic Christmas – Writing cards has never been so easy

I love buying gifts for all the family at Christmas but what I don’t really enjoy is wrapping them up and labelling them and what I find extremely boring and tedious is writing out Christmas cards.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, and for recent years I have been sending less and less ofRead more

Helping to save money over the festive period

Christmas is so much fun and brings joy to those around us, however it can be jolly well expensive too and lets face it we don’t all have a Christmas fund stashed away despite what we plan every year (I always have great intentions of putting a few pounds away weekly to fund this timeRead more

Recipe: Turkey & Cranberry Picnic Pie

With all the meme’s and countdown to Christmas posts beginning to appear plague us already on Facebook and other social media channels it is usually around this time I begin hunting out a few bargains to put away so that the Christmas expense can be spread over a few months instead of just confined toRead more

Boosting the Christmas fund with Tesco Clubcard points

Christmas is almost here, are you organised yet? I’m getting there. All of Emmy’s presents are bought and stored away, minus the few which have slipped out over the past few weeks while she has been poorly and in need of cheering up.  Harry’s were all bought however seem to have been mixed up withRead more